New Dev Blog: Closed Beta 3 Recap

Hey everyone,

We’ve got our Closed Beat 3 Recap up on the blog for your reading pleasure:

If you’d like to ask questions or comments feel free to do so here! Thanks!

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Wohoo special backer cloaks!!!
And OMG EA date to be released next week!?!

Yeah I’m really excited about the capes and epic dragons. Gonna be lookin fly with Steven right from the start!

Will we have a 2 day head start on EA? Can’t remember if that was ever confirmed. Assumed it was a thing.

Also will new player housing locations be available at EA?

Edit: were you thinking of doing an open beta just before ea to maybe get some people that are on the fence about dropping $40 to buy the game?

Kickstarter said 2 day headstart.

Good good. Just wanted to be sure. That’ll effect what day I start my vaca time

can’t wait because I have weird work hours

For the love of god please don’t make the headstart Dec 5th-Dec 7th. My fiance will kill me if I miss our wedding. :sweat_smile:


I saw that guy “j” he did absolutely nothing! seriously I must have past him by like
a dozen times looking for quest NPCs! he might as well have been one himself!

There’s a bug where when you crash a clone is created. I don’t know if the clones are counted in the playtime but it’s not his fault, he wasn’t afk the whole time or something lol

ok i wasnot aware of that but he was there pretty much everyday of the test so i grew suspicous as to weather or not he was trying to get his name on the devblog