New Dev Blog: First Closed Alpha Completed

There’s a new blog post up today which gives a recap of some stats and lessons learned from the first Closed Alpha test. Check it out when you get a chance:

In addition, I wanted to just let everyone know that we have been reading all of your great feedback and bug reports from the test, and although there’s so much of it we can’t respond to everything in detail, I personally have read every single word written on the forums. There are some great ideas that I’ll be pulling into our future designs for the game, and we are working hard to squash all the bugs you reported.

Thanks again for a great Alpha weekend, and I hope you all had a lot of fun! And spread the word and let everyone know so we can get even more people around having a great time with us.


Looking forward to playing more on May 5. Keep up the great work :smiley:

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This is great information! I’m already having withdrawal and can’t wait for the next playtest! New runemage spells, hot damn!

And damn you Zard, you beat me on the playtime! :slight_smile:


I’m sure there must be some mistake… I thought it was closer to 26 hours! :sweat_smile:


Any chance you could tell me how many hours I had logged? I believe I was somewhere around 18 but wasn’t sure.
I think warriors could use a little change up. I believe it was one of the most difficult to play and level up. but I’ll just sit tight and watch the changes :slight_smile:

How many times did your vive controllers die?

I changed the battery in each of my Touch controllers once :slight_smile:


Congrats on being the player that played the most :smiley:

I really wish that I had been able to play more this time, It’s awesome seeing how this game is evolving! At least it looks like the wait to play again will be far shorter than the wait for this one!

I didn’t realize you were using touch controllers, I thought you had a vive. The typical battery life for a vive controller is about 5-6 hours and then you have to charge it.

Yea… ours is a bit of a shot in the dark there’s times it will inhale batteries for touch users. :slight_smile: strangely I’m on my 4th right hand and 2nd left hand. Battery wise. But I logged a good 15-18 hours on orbus o.O

I’m debating whether or not to get 2 more controllers so I can swap them out when they have low batteries. Although after playing the first night for 5 hrs straight my arm was a bit sore. Not sure I could put in a 10 hr session straight without my arm falling off

I have 2 usb battery packs that I put in my pocket and wraped a cord around my arm a few times. I pluged them in after the first 4 or so hours and never had a dead controller. Took about an hour of charging and back to no cord

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That is a really good idea, I could probably do that instead.

Great summary Riley!

Out of interest did I play over 6 hours? - i lost track of time!

One thing I would like to note on reading the stats of numbers of players online. The first few hours was when I was glitching out and was unable to play. Perhaps it was the voice packet issue, but another concern is that there may be a ‘bottleneck’ with so many people and those further away may have issues keeping connection? - the game was unplayable to me at that point but the following day and then on I had no problems, apart from during battling the wrathes (it happened twice).

If this is the case perhaps this can be looked into so I will be able to fully participate on a shorter alpha… if it starts the same time it did, it was 6pm my time and thus I lose 8 hours having to sleep. I did much prefer the 48 hours on this basis, though i do understand the need for 24 hour tests, and perhaps we might hit beta sooner that way!

I’m planning on putting in a feature so you can all see your total play time on your account page soon.

I don’t think your issue was caused by the number of people online, it seemed to be an error with the voice code that I think should now be fixed. If it happens again let me know but I don’t think you should have nearly the same issues you had last time, it should be like it was on the second day.

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during my play time I found out that the hand you use to move the most drains fastest.

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It’s good to know you will focus on 24 hour tests as I have to request off work now that you have chosen every other friday. I secret wish y’all could just keep the servers up but I understand that costs money and time.

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