New Dev Blog: Launch Retrospective and What's Next


Hey everyone,

We’ve got a new dev blog out this morning sketching out a roadmap of what’s to come for the next couple of months in terms of Reborn. Take a look and let us know what you think!

New raid release date?

Loving the addition of the camp-to-outpost idea!

As a note: please be sure to keep in mind that if you progress the story further (i.e. ‘now that outposts are done, we’re moving on to other things’), it will likely need a tune-up on speed to complete.

There was an end-game feature similar to this in LOTRO that while it was the end of the game was phenomenal, but as soon as the world progressed past it, it became a sluggish side story that not many wanted to do. Quite late in the game, they tuned it up to make it faster (went from expected 2-4mo play to complete to 1-2wk) and players were happy again.

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Also, please make it instanced in the game rather than using a secondary launcher. That way we can all still progress our characters while waiting around and can properly create and use our potions




Yeah I remember running into a similar issue with FF14 where to play the new expansion I had to play through all the “filler” content they had added in like the 6 months between the old game and new expansion coming out. We’ll definitely keep that in mind.


If the queue is used for the raid beta, please make it so a logout won’t force you out of the instance like it’s happening with battlegrounds


Oh yeah. Forgot about this issue.

Can you make a portal but also add the instancing that doesn’t let items out?


Yeah we might be able to do something like that, I didn’t want to fully commit to something since we need to do more planning, but the instance-that-doesn’t-save-anything is my preference as well. That way it’s as close as possible to the real thing.

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So excited, luckily it will be summer break so I can do them as soon as they come out


Just to clarify, the outposts will be single-player instanced views, rather than community events, right? So a new player will get to experience the growth around them, for the actions they take, rather than Alphabet/Carnage/MK doing them and then everyone else seeing the completed outposts or a defend-the-realm-type system with weekly goals?


What we are going to attempt to do (and I must stress heavily that this is just a plan right now and we still have to implement it), is basically do a sort of light phasing. So the idea would be when you first get there it’s just a small camp with maybe 1 NPC. And then as you (personally) complete the questline the buildings upgrade and build up to more of an outpost, more NPCs are added (like the apprentice smith), etc.

So if a veteran player and a newbie were both side by side looking at it, they would see two different things. But it won’t be phased in the sense that they are in two different instances.

Obviously there is a lot of planning that has to go into that (e.g. where a building will eventually go there is a pile of wood or something so players don’t see one person walk through a building that they can’t see yet), but I think we should be able to pull off that idea in general. We’ll see how far we can push it.


That’s what I was trying to say :joy: definitely said it better hahah


While this sounds like a great idea going forward. I would love to see some community lead events in the future too that we all have to work towards. These could even be things you would normally just add as a quality of life improvement.

Take the new ramp for example, while I love it, this could have been a community event where we have to kill X amount of enemies that are disrupting supplies getting in to build it, capture X amount of critters that are ruining the supplies, donate/earn X amount of dram in the area to help fund it (could have a 10% reduction in all dram payouts, but give bonus XP as a trade). You could have rewarded players who participate with XP, dram, special items, new titles, etc… based off how much they contribute. Maybe even timed events where supports have come loose and we must help repair them by whacking them with an event tool or something, every one of these we complete could speed up the construction by several hours, with a deadline to finish the ramp in say 3 days.


Awesome! June 11th!
Thanks Dev team, can’t wait to test out the new quest line.


YahoooooooooOoOOOo, can’t wait.