New Dev Blog: Q3 Sprint Four: Dragon Pet Sightseeing, Defend the Realm


We’ve got a new blog post for you hot off the presses with some information on the patch that’s rolling out next week. Read on and enjoy!



Awesome!!! Thank you for the information! I can’t wait to dive in!


  • Will there be a way to see my weekly goal progress?
  • Can I continue to earn points even after I’ve hit my weekly goal or does it zero out?
  • Is there still a notion that our personal or fellowship or global efforts will have an impact on the new realm, or has the contribution impact been fully re-purposed to things like the cape/pet/etc?
  • Aside from the final rewards from the server-wide goals, will there be any new items or rewards from turning in materials and defeating targets, or is it solely the contribution points?
  • Is there an expectation of having any form of personal or fellowship leaderboards for this?
  • Are there new monsters involved in this?
  • Will we see the impact of this event across the world in the environment in any way?
  • Will the day/night cycle be a part of this at all?
  • Is there any type of feedback you’d like us to focus on providing over the course of this event?


I think i’d be cool if getting all the treats allows you to one time give your pet dragon either a characteristic of being a gatherer, ect, or allow a change in that.

Otherwise, can’t wait for monday :smiley:


You’ll be able to track your progress in your journal. There is a maximum of 1,000 points from resource gathering and 1,000 points from monster slaying you can get in a week. So basically if you fully do both you will get 2,000 points per week.

The contribution is for both. We wanted to give a tangible reward you could get right away, and then as I said as a Dev Team we are sort of watching to see how this plays out and it will affect some things about the new game as well, but that’s a lot more nebulous obviously which is why we didn’t want that to be the only reward.

It’s just for points, achievements, and the rewards at the end.

Since there is a max of 2,000 points/week we felt like a personal leaderboard doesn’t make much sense (it will just be a massive tie between lots of people). We’ve never done Fellowship leaderboards and as such we won’t be doing them here, but I an add the individual point totals to the API if someone wants to track that.

There are no new monsters right now…there is a potential unlock that might involve a new type of enemy to fight.

You will be seeing the world slowly change as a result of all of this, yes. For example, the Order Guards will be changing and/or disappearing this week in a lot of places. As the event progresses a few more things will be changing as well about the world.

The day/night cycle isn’t part of it yet but the time of day may play a factor in the future, yes, when specific spawns related to this event start to be incorporated.


Any chance the lands will turn lawless where PvP will be enabled everywhere?


If we were to do something like that, it would be at like the very end of the event in the last few weeks of the server being online or something like that. Once we get to that point there will probably be lots of crazy stuff we do. (Not saying we will definitely do that specific thing, but just saying that’s the level of crazy that would be reserved for that point in time).


Will all quest givers be staying where they are for new players?


Will you make NPC’s attackable? Guardian Bart could use a good beat down:)



Oh please let bardian guart get corrupted and be a surprise world boss. Just copy and paste sanyaels poison and make every one of his attacks a tank buster. I’d really really enjoy that one.


yes they are, there will still be some “resistance” pockets of order guards to allow players to still run through the main story quests, but if you have the MSQ completed almost all the overworld order should be gone. like the guard at the bottom of training ground stairs or on path to narrow orchard, but those will still be there for those that havent completed MSQ.


Once we hit our personal 2,000 point limit will we still be able to contribute to the server wide goal or will any thing we do after that not be counted?


This is a big thing. Are we able to continue contributing after we hit our 2000 for the week?


I could be wrong, but I read this (combined with his comments on why a leaderboard won’t make sense) as a hard maximum amount you can gain per week for each category.


If that’s the case then it doesn’t matter how committed we are to protecting the realm if we just don’t have enough people were guranteed to fail.

I’m not looking for a way to get more personal points each week. I’m looking to be able to be able to contribute my all to defending the realm and push those server goals along.


A case could be made that by organizing and rallying additional members of the community to the cause, you are helping to reach the server wide goal. More specifically, selling/providing materials to individuals who don’t have them (or teaching them how to get them) for their weekly quota, and leading expeditions to defeat the target mobs.

That being said, I take your point, and depending on the server wide targets, it could end up feeling like individually we have the resources the ability to reach the server goal, but are unable to do so due to the arbitrary weekly contribution cap which likely doesn’t have an in-game lore conceit to it.


I mean it should be both right? As much as I dislike immersion arguments it’s very applicable in this situation. Teaching and recruiting additional people to help will be more efficient than doing it all yourself but at the same time if you want to be the super badass defender of the realm who dumps hour after hour into contributing to the server wide goal. A point limitation seems like only a frustrating way to prevent that. I want to know that if I stay a thousand kelpies the world will sleep that much safer for my efforts.


Well said, and agreed.


Hmmm…these are good points, I can see arguments either way. One of the reasons we did add in the weekly point cap was so that it would truly be a realm-wide effort. So like, you would need to recruit other players to participate and help them earn their goals instead of it just being 10 people who do it all.