New DLC Dungeon

Talking with friends and spitballing ideas we have come up with the greatest dungeon you’ll ever experience. What if you could micronise in the alley in Highsteppe and enter “The Alley Dungeon” where you fight your way through and climb the cracks in the stairs until you reach the final boss… “Dawg The Alley Cat”


I’d buy a new dlc for this

Two or three headed? With razor claws for tankbusters… love the idea…

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and if you dont feed it a fish it hits twice as hard

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Oooooh, that would be a pretty cool mechanic. Add an enrage mechanic similar to Minotaur but instead of generic interrupts you have to hunt down hidden fish to throw at it (Flooded Rainforest Flying Fish style)

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So Holly would be the first miniboss. That would explain why she looks always so beaten.