New dragons can't do Dragon Races?

Greetings, fellow Orbians!

I was so excited yesterday! I finally got the beautiful, new Tiger Dragon pet.

So, today I thought about entering a DR course, to see how my new pet would look on it.

I gave some treats to her, nothing happened. “I must be desynced”, I thought. So I relogged and tried again. “I must be in a wrong spot”, I thought. So I tried in different spots. I changed the dragon to PinkFlyer, my #1 racing Dragon, and it worked.

“Maybe the new Dragon is glitched in this course”, I thought. So I tried the same in other courses. Guess what? Yep, no response.

I understand that the new Dragon entered the game as a non-Dragon pet, as they can’t breed and all. But wouldn’t it make sense if they could do Dragon Races as well?

And no, I won’t mention that I was expecting to see her sparkling fireworks or shining during the race roflol (uh-oh, too late).

Hmm idk about the fireworks but you should be able to use them for races now (at least in new instances). Still shouldn’t be able to breed with them.


For April fools you should make more Pets like sephotep or the world bosses able to do the dragon races


Would Sephotep flap his arms like wings or ride his giant pen/lawn dart like a broom?

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ROFL some pets like the DLC’s Firefly, the Hot Air Baloon and the Kthula’s pet would get a perfect match for that.
Some other ones… well, I wonder what the Windup Cauldron pet would look like when flying. Funny ^^

I’ll definitely try it again later when I enter the game. Thank you for the update!

back in the reborn beta i went dragon racing with this thing, was quite amusing.


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