New Dungeon Idea!

I was sitting here thinking about Orbus and how much time I’ve invested into it and was saddened by the fact that I’m no longer motivated to play. So, I got thinking about the current dungeons and how they a new one could add more replayability.


You enter into what is a fairly empty layout, nothing but a large wheel stands before you. You reach out, grab it and spin.

BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR (Sounds of a wheel spinning)

The enemy type has now been chosen by the wheel! Enter through a portal and now you are in the first stage of the dungeon.

Fight through the hordes until you reach the first boss and destroy them! A portal opens behind and behold! It leads to another wheel!

BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR (Once again, spinning wheels really do sound like this)

The next stage has now been chosen by the almighty wheel!

Enter through the next portal to face the new random threats!

Thank you for reading.

May the wheel be kind.


Umm actually spinning wheels sound like drum and bass. May the wheel bless you and your shards be consummated.


This idea is officially endorsed by the highsteppe press. May the wheel bless you and the pursuit of journalism consume


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