New Dungeon Preview: Plateau of Apophis

Mark your calendars!
We are excited to announce that a new chaos dungeon will be releasing on November 29th at 11 AM CST!

Check it out:


looks nice

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Dragons. Oh my god. Dragons.


“For some lore on the dungeon, along with information from the previous blog post check it out [Here]” I love how you added a place to go to for lore

Also I wonder is the dimension hopping teleport thing is just a universal dragon ability? If so that’s pretty cool having a consistency with the species and it’s very original I love it!


I mean the old game dragon never showed an ability like this, then again that boss had no lore in general so who knows. Would be interesting to think about.

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Will the weapons drop in shards like the Cove dungeon?

Correct. Any weapon drops in this new dungeon will have a cosmetic appearance exclusive to this dungeon (with the exception of legendary weapons - those will look the same).


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