New dungeon suggestion (follows lore)

So I was thinking about how in the citadel we defeat stephotp but what about the essence crystals that were used to power the citadel (or is it the floating castle?) there pointed out in the book page so they must be some importance and it’s not being used for a good thing so what if there’s a dungeon that takes place in the citadel that has you blow up the tower it’s held in.

In a timeline perspective this would take place after guild city raid but before the citadel raid

I’m sure the devs could find a cool mechanic for the bosses and maybe implement some type of way to make it seem like a spy mission because we sneaked in without anyone noticing and that doesn’t make sense for the citadel raid so perhaps foreshadowing a dungeon wink wink

The citadel is also super cool so it’s sad we only see a bit of it and would be fun to explore the other tower


Can we have you guys hire Stone for like, one hour to just create all the side quest lore for the game? Like, you tell him what the actual lore is, and then just record him going at it for an hour. I specifically ask him about lore because he’s so enthusiastic about it and he knows the most obscure facts! I thought I was pretty good at remembering the game’s story but he kicked my butt in the lore trivia competition.

What about a Loremaster title? Kid is amazing at it!


I won the lore trivia contest

I will literally create one for free it’s so fun and I’m hoping that the devs take some inspiration off of the theory’s because some of the stuff are easy fixes for plot holes they don’t have the time to think of


any lore as to where the tree people come from? are they natives? is there a druid somewhere mass producing them? I feel like a dungeon themed around them might be cool since they are everywhere.

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There is! As you know when stephotp summoned the castle to our dimension it sent out a lot of radiation, luckily we had the guardian tree which kept away the radiation so none of us are mutations unlike the scavs who are people who didn’t go to highsteppe and Turned into mutants, so if the radiation affected us like how it affected the scavs then what would it do to the animals? They’re a lot smaller then us so the radiation will affect them harder. Well they turn into the starfrushers, all the animals (except birds) turned into starfrushers. So there’s your answer hope this helps

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You got good theory’s tho I like how you thought it could of been a Druid I would of never thought of that

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