New easier shortcut for fireball

i wish there was a new easier shortcut for making fireball as mage. i after a year still am not successful at the pretzel or paperclip method, but i am fastish at spelling B. yet its not enough to get high dps.

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I struggled a lot with affliction, but here’s how I got consistent at it:

Take your journal and open it at the page with the spell rune of the spell you’re struggling with. Think about what parts of the shortcut correspond to which part of the rune - I put some diagrams for the most common shortcuts up on the wiki here. You can make your journal bigger or smaller by using the Hand Size setting: To make the book smaller, make your hands big, grab the journal, and while holding it, make your hands small. Repeat until the rune is at a comfortable size. Then start tracing over the rune to build muscle memory. Make sure your head angle is correct.

Hope this helps!

There the D method that’s the one I use

draw better, just watch vids and practice


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