New Fishing Mobs! Like the narwhal in Classic Orbus!



I think it could be a cool idea to add fishing mobs like the Narwhal in Classic Orbus. For example in the jungle you could add crocodiles as a chance mob to pull while fishing and then they could have rare or unique drops. There is all types of creatures you could make to do this. Natural creatures like: Alligator/crocodile, snapping turtle, Snakes, beaver, hippo, etc. and then fantasy creatures there is so many I don’t even feel the need to list any but I will list some I’d like to see personally but I like that natural animals more myself. Some I’d like to see are: hydras, a humanoid like mermaids or better yet like Abe Sapien from Hellboy and then there’s a lot more and just to much to list. I think I made the idea clear but I think this would be a great new aspect. Especially if y’all implement rare critter capture creature to drop pet versions of themselves you could do the same with these mobs and make them rare and need a rare lure to even get a nibble. Honestly you could do it with all the mobs especially animal mobs. I would love a little Felid or Tear Wizard following me around. If they were tradable it would become a really popular thing in the auction house and could be really beneficial to the game.


I agree. You could even take it a step further and do what they did in an older raid in WoW. You literally fish up a Raid Boss(could even be a world boss for Orbus) having multiple fisherman use a special lure that can only be made with end game materials(like tradu tablets) to be able to summon this boss. Heres hoping tinkering,fishing,etc will have cool features other than for making potions.


Yeah I like the sound of that making a world boss too that can be fished up but like have a minimum of so many characters fishing in order for it to spawn.