New Healing Class

OrbusVR needs a class dedicated to healing. The randomness of the orb healer is unreliable when fighting a boss with anything less than two orb healers in the group which cuts down on DPS. The orb healer is fine as an off-healer, when the raids become a thing. This topic is for discussing what a dedicated healing class would be like (IF) it was ever added in the future.

I didn’t see any other topics about this and to start it off I will go ahead and say it… weapon of choice - Wizard Staff.

Pointing the staff at a player and holding trigger should create a tether (probably more like a loopy, curvy, tornado like tether of holy energy) that gradually heals that player over time.

Slamming the staff into the ground puts a small/moderate sized shield on everyone close to the healer.

Gripping the staff with one hand = less powerful AOE healing, Gripping with 2 hands = stronger, but single target healing


we could all have that “You shall not pass” moment

Not trying to totally discourage discussion or anything, but I am going to point out that there will not be any additional Battle Disciplines other than the four we already have before launch…one of the stretch goals was to add another but it was not met, and we simply don’t have the time or resources to add anymore before launch.

That said, I’ve pointed out multiple times that the current design of the Musketeer with the orbs being random is not the way the final design will be; rather you’ll choose a set of orbs to always have available similar to how the Ranger’s arrow system works, where each orb has its own cooldown. So I agree that the current design does not work well as a dedicated healer, but in the final design you should easily be able to customize the Musketeer to focus more on healing or more on DPS, and it should serve that role just fine.


o wow. Having a set of orbs always available and with cool downs would be very cool. Any idea on how long the cool downs will be or is that something that still needs to be ironed out?

I posted this originally in the alpha thread, but it seems relevant in here.

Had a fantastic time playing again and just wanted to let you know your hard work is much appreciated. :grin:

Having played as a dedicated healer this time, all of the issues I encountered have already been mentioned several times by others, so I won’t repeat them here. However, if I had to make one request that has not been mentioned yet, it would be to have a HOT (heal over time) turret in addition to the current DPS one. The turret could work just like the current one, except it targets allies and shoots them with a small heal instead. This way I could throw it up on the battlefield during a fight and as long a my party members stayed within its range, they would receive a small but constant heal over time.

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