New-ish Player looking for a group



I bought OrbusVR for a while, but didn’t play much because of finishing college. I have a little free time while job hunting and want to play OrbusVR more during that. I tried playing some, but I feel much better being in a group/guild/fellowship.

My only class I leveled is Warrior at 6, although I am releveling on Archer since I dont feel comfortable tanking in VR yet (I died on my first dungeon at the boss, and had a PERFECT view of the boss’s crotch area during the majority of the fight). I’m pretty much looking for a group that can put up with me and my shenanigans.

My IGN is Chriva and looking forward to playing with those that want me,



I’m in the same boat if you would like to play sometime. Just finished getting my BA a few weeks back, in the middle of moving/job search, and looking for some people to play with.

I main warrior and archer as well ~ both about lvl 12 (not certain since it’s been weeks).

My IGN is Zerrahn, and I have yet to set any regular play times (can’t really until next month).

Let me know if you’re down to play!


Oh sweet, congrats on your BA! Yeah, I’ll be down any time. I have a lvl 6 Warrior and Musketeer right now. I dunno when i’ll be on next, but if you have discord my tag is Chrispy#9778.


Thank you!
My discord is RED!#2083. We’ll get something together within the next month, I’m sure hahaha looking forward to it


Dude you dis great in the dungeon tonight!


Just added you on discord Zerrahn!

And thanks Ored! Glad my first time healing in a dungeon was good.


Do all of you already have a fellowship? If not, PM me on discord Tartarus#4696.


Hey! This is super late, but I’m finally able to hop back on some more!

Moved states, got a job, and have my rift set up and ready to go. @Chrispy, I’ll send ya a message on discord :slight_smile: