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Hey all so i just found out about this game and it seems really cool. I do not have any VR hardwear or anything so i would have to buy that. Im sorta wondering if you all think i should wait till december/Christmas and get better deals? Donnu if ill actually buy it either.
Also in the videos ive seen, people are often seen like teleporting chunck to chunck meanwhile the streamer is movibg in a steady flow? Not sure if i would enjoy the game if everythibg feels cluncky.

How’s it going and welcome to the Orbus community!

So for head sets, they are on a pretty good sale right now. I’d think they’d have another sale around the holidays, but they may put the back at normal price just to try and make the most money as well. So it’s a gamble.

As for game play Master Gaming VR on YouTube has a lot of videos of game play of the alpha to the beta period that just ended. I highly recommend checking it out.
But honestly the videos still do not give it justice. The game is pretty amazing. The “choppy” look of players moving is honestly just a connection/multiplayer thing of VR gaming right now. Its a lot smoother in things like onward because the players are cut greatly and its a much smaller location. Though in orbus you have a very large map and around 100+ players. Though the walking is a little choppy, it does not effect combat or even hand movements so nothing to worry about there. honestly you get used to it very quickly.

Hope that helps and again welcome! Hope to see you in game!

Ah, yeah I watched a few of his videos. I found the interview with riley? Really cool. So the choppyness though would really set me back. So when fighting you camt freely move? Other players seemed to look really choppy when out of combat but the person who was streaming themselves did not.

Also how is pvp like in this game?

Im just mostly sold at working out while playing games :slight_smile: win win.

I’ll be honest I have no idea how PVP is. I never tried it, and I have not seen any videos of it yet.

The vive isn’t ‘on sale’ - it got a permanent price reduction - and i wouldn’t count on HTC doing a sale for xmas - stingy buggers!
(having called them that - i did buy at launch for full AUD price and it was still well worth it :slight_smile:)

Looks like Rift is on sale - not that i’d recommend it over Vive

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So what makes the vive better?

Nothing makes it better, it’s just a matter of preference. I’d read a bunch of Reddit posts from people that have both if I were you. It’s a conversation that has been beat to death.

The pvp is fun. Teleporting in combat adds a lot of extra challenge, but keeps everything balanced which is the most important thing. Adds a high skill ceiling which is great.

what people keep saying is that the vive has better tracking as well as the base stations are better in the way of if you want to have a large room setup it will do it better than the rift, you just need to decide if the extra…$200? worth that. for me it was.

I mean setting it up is easier, but I use my rift in a large room and it’s flawless. Rift is also more comfortable (unless you buy DAS for vive to make it even) and the touch controllers are way better than the wands.

Yeah Rift qickly fixed their tracking issues that were there near launch. I also agree I’m a little jelly of the design of the controller looks kinda nice. The new up coming controls are prrtty sweet! They have finger tracking with them as well. I was going to make a potential class recommendation for that.

Yeah knuckles look dope, I’m excited to try em out!

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I played on both and prefer the vive. I would go with the vive if you have a large room and you want more immersion with other games that utilize room scale. Make sure to get the vive audio strap as that is a must.

So its all based on personal preferance? What do you guys mean that the vive is better for bigger rooms? Rift seems a little better in the sense its more polished and lighter, aswell as cheaper.

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Like I said the conversation on rift vs vive has been beat to death. This isn’t really a good place to have it for the billionth time. You can go to Reddit and look up comparisons from people that own both.

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I have owned all current headsets and they al;l have their advantages/disadvantages… from my personal experiences:

  1. Vive - better tracking for room scale experience - I didn’t have the space available and kept hittimy my desk, walls, bed, etc…

  2. Oculus Rift - touch controllers are what had me sold, and the fact that I don’t need room scale. I still own my rift and sold off my vive.

  3. PSVR - by far the most comfortable headset out there - no lens ray issues, etc however tracking is subpar due to the technolody being used.

If I could have the perfect setup it would be the PSVR type display with the touch controllers and a vive lighthouse tracking lol.

I don’t think anyone has mentioned that Oculus Rift has their own tracking system (cameras) that work differently than the SteamVR/Vive’s (lighthouse). It matters because you wont be able to use any new accessories like the Knuckles Controllers or really be able to do any sort of incremental upgrading at all when new headsets come out.

The hardware may be similar in function, but the design decisions are totally different with SteamVR/Vive’s being much more forward-thinking. Whether the ~$50 premium is worth being able to upgrade your system later is the actual choice you want to look at.

The Rift also require some people to buy a separate USB expansion card to get it working properly. It’s worth searching around to see if you’d be one of them.

I am running 2 sensor setup on a Rift with no tracking issues whatsoever… I did have issues initially with a 3 sensor setup - so much so that I ended up selling it off and bought a Vive. I am back full swing to a Rift now and the updates to the tracking system have been really good and a 2 sensor setup in the same setup that I had my Vive is now working flawless.