New Patch: 2.25

There’s a new patch out this morning, 2.25. Unfortunately it’s kind of a big one.


  • Changed the way that Vitality scales across classes. Previously Vitality gave a set number of hitpoints regardless of class. This didn’t really fit in with how we want it to work because it meant that, for example, one extra point of Vitality was much less valuable to a Warrior than a Runemage. Now Vitality points scale according to class type, so a Warrior gets more out of a single point than a Mage does.

  • Fixed a bug which wasn’t properly scaling up the armor of drops depending on class type. For example, plate armor for Warriors should have more armor on it than cloth armor for Mages. This will take effect in future drops, but generally speaking you should see much higher values of armor on drops for Ranger, Warrior, and Musketeer.

  • Made a few changes to the new way that the Warrior hit detection determines if you were blocking your own attack, should be a little more generous toward the Warrior now.

  • When blocking an attack, the Warrior now generates much greater aggro than previously. This change is meant to coincide with the flavor of the class which is that we want everything attacking you and you soaking damage, not relying on dealing lots of damage to hold aggro. We’ll keep playing with this as well.

  • Fixed a series of bugs which could lead to lots of graphical lag when in highly-populated areas such as Highsteppe with lots of other players around.

  • Various quest bugfixes.

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Due to having to put this patch out this morning and the size of the patch, we are going to extend the duration of the Head Start by one hour. So it will now end at 1 PM US Central Time, which is approximately 2.5 hours from now. Thanks!


There is a bug with the new patch where when you cast a Runemage spell, the spell may show an effect from a previous spell on it (e.g. cast Fireball, then Arcane Missile, the Fireball will be inside the missile). This is just a graphical error and the spell still works normally. We’ll get that fixed.


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