New Patch, Closed Beta Two (with Sliding Locomotion in Combat)

I can agree with it needing a toggle but teleportation being needed in anything is a deal breaker with a lot of people.

Nice change to sliding (having it only consume a little of your teleport charge). Works much better now. :slight_smile:

found another couple hours to test. - the new server architecture doesn’t seem to have helped my disconnects. Though the few that i had today weren’t the double dropouts like the past two days. (as in - previously i would get disconnected, login again and see my self standing there, then get disconnected again about 30 seconds later - now when i log back in it’s fine to continue playing)

I wish I could use locomotion but I get sick every time I use it. I have to use teleport. I surprised how a lot of people don’t get sick from it and jealous of that.


Yeah, I’m all for choices but it seems odd for people to say that teleportation is just as much of a dealbreaker for them as being forced to be nauseated is for others.

Anyway, the one request I had for this (as a non-sliding player) is to have the pink bar turn off if you have sliding locomotion disabled. It’s extra UI clutter that literally never gets used in that situation.

Basically in the final version of this the stamina bar will show you (even if you don’t use sliding) how much time is left until your Teleporter recharges, which could be useful. I can certainly still add a toggle to turn it off, but I think it will be useful either way.


Ah ok, that makes sense, and may be handy to have in that case. Thanks for the clarification!

The current system for locomotion in combat doesn’t make sense. It may “work” but the system works COMPLETELY differently than if youd only use teleport motion, which makes it unbalanced and weird.

My suggestion would be to change the stamina bar to a ‘dodge roll’ bar. Allow movement in combat, unhindered, but a slower movement somewhere around half speed (similar to how teleport movement works in combat). Then every 6-8 seconds, the player accrues 1 dodge roll (non-stacking, only get 1 at a time). Dodge roll doesn’t accrue while the player is moving though. In order to use dodge roll, the player simply presses the teleport button (normal teleporting would be disabled in combat) in the direction it wants to roll, and it instantly teleports him half of max distance, allowing players to quickly move out of red areas without being overpowered.

This would get combat locomotion working prettymuch exactly the same as teleport motion.

You might get used to sliding eventually - first game I tried with sliding when Vive was released made me feel very ill - now i can use it in most games - OrbusVR is one that causes zero motion sickness for me even after a couple hours in game

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I can’t speak for Johann but I’ve tried to get over the motion sickness for the last few years, and it’s only gotten worse. From the DK1 up through the Vive, various apps, taking it slow, taking it fast, I think some people just don’t adjust.

As a tank I loved this. being able to back up or make slight adjustments that would normally require me to stop for a second.

I really only tested the moment when I was fighting the pigmen. I loved being able to move out of its AOE and still finish out a combo. I think that could be accomplished with a slower move speed.
But I like your idea of keeping the large AEOs reflex.

I got used to trackpad in combat. Not sure if you fixed the teleport>slide bug but I never felt like I didn’t have the stamina to teleport out of aoe. Chasing a mob or wedging myself between enemy and ally while still hitting combos was nice ( as opposed to teleporting twice to get ahead and get a provoke off before it was out if range again). I’ll always teleport out if aoe, but sliding helps with mob management a lot