New Patch, Closed Beta Two (with Sliding Locomotion in Combat)

There is a new patch that was just released.

Sliding Locomotion in Combat

This patch includes experimental support for using non-teleport locomotion while in combat. I can’t stress enough that this is just an experiment. We have not had a chance to thoroughly test this feature and how it affects gameplay, but we’re trying it out to see how it goes. We may in the end decide to scrap it.

Combat in OrbusVR is built around the idea of battlefield positioning being important. Where you are on the battlefield in relation to the enemies and your fellow players plays an important part of the combat design, and choosing well or poorly on that front is meant to reward or punish you during major encounters. Therefore, it’s important that even though we’re adding sliding locomotion, we don’t break the combat design by allowing you to simply constantly move all over the battlefield. We still want you to have to make a decision about where you are, when the right time to move to a new location is, etc.

In that vein, you’ll notice that you now have a new bar next to your Health bar on your weapon. This bar is pink, and represents your character’s stamina. While out of combat, this bar does nothing. However, while you are in combat, using your sliding locomotion will deplete your stamina bar. Once it’s gone, you are unable to use sliding locomotion until it recharges.

The way that we’ve balanced this is that you can essentially use your full stamina bar in one go to get as far as you could by teleporting the full distance during combat before. We’ve also tuned it so that the stamina bar recharges as quickly as the teleporting does in combat. So that means in theory you can move as far and as quickly as you could while teleporting. You’ll notice that there is a “pause” between when you stop moving and when the bar begins to refill. This is by design. When taken altogether, we feel like this design allows you to quickly, smoothly transport yourself around the battlefield without relying on teleporting if that is immersion breaking to you, while at the same time still retaining the importance of battlefield positioning while in combat.

One last note. Currently the stamina bar for sliding and the use of teleport are fairly separate. If you use your slide it ‘uses up’ your teleport completely. While using your teleport does not use up your slide stamina. This is not ideal but since this is a first prototype we didn’t have a chance to do more. If we keep this feature in long-term, then what we will do is link up the teleport recharge with the sliding stamina bar such that if (for example) you use a partial telepor that will drain your stamina bar accordingly, and if you slide a long distance it will take your teleport longer to charge.

As you test this, we’d love feedback on how it feels, if you’re able to dodge AoE attacks properly, if it makes the combat too easy, etc.

Other Changes

In addition to that major change, we also:

  • Greatly increased the chance of loot drops while Level 4 or below. This is to make up for the fact that you kill fewer enemies while leveling at lower levels. It’s very important that you get weapon and armor drops otherwise your power level won’t keep up with your actual level and things at the same level as you will be too hard to kill.
  • Decreased the amount of XP required to level up for 2, 3, and 4. This should result in a faster leveling experience at those beginning levels.
  • Increased the base attack damage of your character by 100%. This means even if you are still using the “very first” weapon you get from Guardian Bart, you should be “okay” until around Level 4.
  • Fixed a bug which caused Market Stalls not to update the amount of dram available for the owner to withdraw right away.

We also moved our server architecture around. Please let us know if you were having disconnects yesterday, if the new changes made any difference in the stability of your connection. I honestly don’t know that it will, but it’s worth testing this out before diving into re-doing the full networking stack.


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As a strong proponent of in combat sliding, I’ll be sure to give proper feedback on it. I’m very excited about this chance to try it!

Downloading now - cant wait to try combat sliding!!! Thank you thank you thank you!

Tried it - I’ll have to say I don’t like the small slide consuming teleport much. I went to fight the ghost / rabbit pairs just under the starting town, and I found that when I needed to teleport away (from the ghost’s aoe drain spell) I often couldn’t, because when pushing in to the thumbpad to start a teleport, I’d do a small slide, which then prevented me from teleporting away.

Other than that, it seemed ok - as a musketeer, I’d start each combat backing away / kiting until I ran out of movement, which may or may not be a desired player strategy.

With movement in general, I think things would be better if there were less absolutes and more relatives. Have sliding subtract from my teleport range. And even teleport range: If I do a short teleport, subtract that from my available range - don’t completely reset my teleport range. (Didn’t actually check this behavior this beta, but I don’t think it changed.)

Overall, I’d like to think of movement as you can move X units in Y time, and not have to worry about what sort of movement I’m doing (max range teleport vs non-max range teleport vs sliding, etc.)

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Yeah this is what I meant when I said it was a prototype and not integrated well. In the final design, if you just slide a small amount then it would only take a little off of your teleport, not the whole thing.

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As a ranger I actually love the ability to slide back as an enemy approaches… seems so much mare natural. the one issue I found is that if I need to run, I can only slide to a point and then I have to rely on teleport?

I have been requesting this for a long time and am glad it’s in testing. Some quick feedback for now though. The game feels so much better already but there are some things I am not a fan of.

I was really hoping I would be able to run around like in a normal MMO without being heavily restricted. Not being able to move sometimes makes it feel very clunky (not as bad as using teleport at least). Even if my movement speed dropped a lot while my bar was empty but I could still move some would feel much better.

I tested with the warrior and backing out of an AoE and then moving back to fight made me completely drained. Which meant I couldn’t move for the second AoE or strafe around the enemy. Circling the enemy and fighting makes it much more fun to play but you can’t do it without sacrificing the ability to dodge an AoE. Also on the Warrior I could close those small gaps when I can’t reach them with my sword. (limited play space means I can’t move much in real life to close that distance)

With the ranged classes slide made them feel EXTREMELY more fun. I could actually kite enemies a little bit which is a big factor in any mmo when playing ranged. Standing still and fighting a guy up close with a rifle or bow just felt very wrong.

Overall this is a step in the right direction but it needs less limitations. I suggest a drop in move speed so we can still move some and not have those abrupt stops.

The best route would still be to give us Slide Server and Teleport server and then you don’t have to balance them. I know playerbase is an issue right now but down the road would make things so much simpler and people can just play their preference.

Seems like everyone I asked in game preferred sliding so I hope you guys take that in mind.

Keep up the good work guys and I look forward to where the game can go!

Read the post. You have a stamina bar. That is causing your stops.

Hmmmm…we could probably drop your speed way, way down instead of totally stopping you, I guess. I’m not really sure that’s much better, though.

I will keep playing with the tuning around this…for example it may be that you should have enough stamina to get out and back in. But like I said, we want there to be a point where you have to actually make a decision about where you are, and if you choose (for example) to run out at the wrong moment, well then we want that to have consequences.

But I mean overall, at the end of the day, the combat design is not “run and gun”. So there’s going to be moments where you can’t move freely. That’s the design of the game.

So first off…i really like the new sliding during combat :slight_smile:

But i noticed my collision box seems to be centered in my placspace not my headset. If i am not in the center of my space i can run through objects since the collision box is somewhere off to a side or get stuck on something that from my view i can just pass by.

Specially with combat-sliding getting stuck on something while trying to dodge an attack could be fatal :slight_smile:

(Im using a 360° setup with Controller-based forward direction + strafing)

Would it be far fetched to make it so that the stamina will instantly auto-fill, when standing in an AOE that would cause the player damage?

I know I struggle with sliding, while attempting to teleport (vive touchpad), and I’d hate to not be able to move out of an AOE because I don’t have enough stamina/teleport range to move out, because I’m struggling with the touch-pad being overly sensitive (sliding unintentionally, while trying to target with the teleporter).

I really enjoy this sliding fighting. It makes things feel more alive.

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What I’m thinking about doing is actually maybe doing like the opposite of what I did…

So maybe rather than having you move at full-speed all the time until your stamina runs out, by default you can move at a rather slow speed during combat that doesn’t use up teleport/stamina, and then you press a button (Grip?) and that “uses” your stamina while making you run faster?

I think that might work well because then you wouldn’t have to worry about accidentally using up your stamina and it’s more a resource to use to get out of an AoE rather than something that’s always being used up constantly. I’ll play around with that tonight and maybe try it out tomorrow with a new patch if I like how it feels.


can you please put in a toggle for sliding in combat? I can’t stand it. I keep accidentally sliding then my teleport won’t have any juice. It’s more annoying than helpful

I dont think full speed locomotion in combat is necessary at all.

If it is at a severely reduced speed, maybe about 20% normal movement, and does not drain Teleport that would be perfect.

That way you are still forced to react to AoE’s with Teleport

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my trackpad is very sensitive so if i’m in combat, the bar drains because it tries to slide me forward into the enemy i’m attacking so I can never teleport when I want to

I just released a new patch, changes:

  • Aged Healing Potions should work properly now.
  • Patraeyl Knight capes should now work properly when equipped.
  • When you slide in combat, it will only use up an amount of your teleport charge equal to how far you slide. So if you just slide a little it won’t eat up your whole charge. Should prevent people with sensitive touchpads from having a bad time :smile:

Restart your Launcher to get the update.


Your slide change made it very enjoyable. I still slide a bit when I don’t want to, but overall it feels way better. Thanks!

Some people don’t like teleport at all. Options are a good thing if you want the playerbase to grow.

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Either way it certainly needs a toggle.