New Player, Black screen after *login with character*

I know there are a few posts on this but WTH!!!???

New player here, spent £15 on a game that refuses to work?

Created 2 characters (Nericanus and Amtesterbugm) each black screens when trying to load them!!!

If not fixed in 12 hours i am refunding (as meta says we can if not played for 2 hours or 14 days or whatever)

Dissapointed after great reviews, were they bought?

Hey there. A few games are having issues right now. Zenith is too. It’s related to some Microsoft issue. Hopefully it’ll be resolved soon.

deleted them and made new character Xandser … till black screen!!!

Nope, Zenith has been fine all day for me, i only just logged off to buy Orbus because someone said it was epic - loging back into Zenith just now, no issue at all

Server is back online, I apologize for the issues and the delay in fixing the servers, if you are still having trouble logging on please let me know.


The game is really good ive “enjoyed” thousands of hours of it

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i’ve “enjoyed” maybe 300 out of my 2k-ish and most of that was when I was just messing around. Raiding is kinda a joke in this game. Easy mechanics mainly all aoes, adds, tankbusters etc. If being told to keep your comms off during a raid and being told to focus on an arguably easy boss where you dodge and aoe get a damage stack, stack on a big crystal light it, get your stack off repeat if that sounds hard I don’t know what to say. The only thing that may be hard with it is that its not a tab target screen game. If it was a screen game boss it’d be in a main scenario dungeon.

It is refering to napur im to lazy to edit all of that to make sense of the name.

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