New Player looking for fellowship with older members

Hello all, I just started the game a few days ago, and only level two. Although this seems like a long shot, I’m hoping there’s a fellowship out there whom are the majority of them are older. Myself I’m 38, my character name is ChaoticCrow as well.

There are several guilds with generally adult members. Really, it’s based on play style as far as the differences go. What kind of guild do you see yourself wanting to join? Are you interested in pvp or pve or both? Do you have a lot of time for end game or only a little?

I’m more of a casual gamer when it comes to Orbus, I generally only get to play late nights due to work. However I’m interested and PVE and PVP

What time range do you get on?

My guild (Monday Knights) is a pretty casual pve/pvp guild with mostly working adults who don’t really have time to play during the day. We raid on Mondays and often Fridays at 7-10 CST, and get together on other days when we have free time

Alphabet (min-max pve guild) and Laughing Coffin (similar but for pvp) are probably not for you. There’s also a list of fellowship recruitment posts that you can look through on the unofficial discord and pm their Representatives if you have questions.

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I’m on around 10 PM - 2 AM CST time. Although that may change in a few months. I’m off Saturday and Sunday, so I’m on and off most of those days

You might also want to check out Kârma, we are a social guild that does a blend of PVP & PVE. Our age base is ranged from older to younger players and our discord is open to all. :slight_smile:

Fellow Monday Knight player here. We’re about as casual as can be. I mean hell, we routinely 5 man Bard dungeons. No tank or DPS, just…5 Bards, because why not? I can only think of two underage players off the top of my head in our Fellowship. The rest are all adults.

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