New player looking for fellowship


Hello looking to join a fellowship. New player but will be putting alot of time into the game. Play time is around 8:30 am to 4 or 5 pm EST. Maining a musketeer/healing

New player looking for a good fellowship

What sort of Fellowship ye lookin for?

Asking since you might be a hard-core raider and might end up in a casual (or vice versa).

My Fellowship for example are a tiny one, for casuals doin whatever, and are mostly joining since a)Like the name b) want to serve a master or c) nothing better for now…
And ofc Im looking for more minions. :smiling_imp:

So keep an eye out for The Hollows if it sounds up your alley :+1:


What is your in-game name? You can also PM me if you would like. I can send you a link of some fellowships. There is also a recruitment channel with multiple fellowships looking for players in the Unofficial OrbusVr Community discord:


Hi Logan!

We are always looking for strong active players.

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