New player suggestion

Please make the first kill quest for the red tails (bunny things) and not the deer that comes in pairs with the foxes.

Let me start out by saying, I love the game. It is amazing. I was there for the first day of Everquest and I’m here for the first day of Orbus VR. It feels about the same amount of buggy, awkward, but still addicting. This game invents a genre. Thank you for making it.

Now that the gushing is out of the way, I spend an hour in a death loop and pissed. Every single other MMO has taught us that it is near impossible to die to the first critters you encounter. I get that this is a new genre, but damn… You send us out to kill a king deer as the first kill quest and there is no way you can accomplish that alone as a brand new level one player.

Please change it from a king deer to a red tail. You can actually pull those solo and they are more appropriate for a level 1. They still require you to start learning mechanics. They still immerse you in the world. They even drop much needed loot. What they don’t do, is present the level one character with an impossible to win scenario.

Not every level one character is going to look for a group on day one. The new game buyer will be going solo until they feel they have learned enough to not embarrass themselves. Please make this change before too many people crash and burn on the first mob like I did. Direct them to an enjoyable and winnable battle for their first encounter.

FFS, please make the change. I want this game to work. Your game is in a brand new platform, with a brand new control scheme. You will need to spoonfeed players and tell them what they need to do and learn. Once this genre is established, maybe you can make it hard for new players. Just not now.

the firs quest is easy just use healing orb, poison orb, sheald orb, lifewell orb and set the sentry turret to healing and you heal faster than thay damage

Lol, bad Sparky. Your killing the wrong mob. Don’t leave town, the ones your after are at the opposite end of town from the redtails.

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no I mean in general, I tank in the desert with that set up.

So I think that you are in the wrong spot. Go down from the Guardian Bart area, then immediately hang a left and go through the market in town, past the Airship dock, past the houses and beyond the fence. There you will see a stone pillar and two King Stag deer which you can kill. You can kill them individually, there should not be any foxes around and they do not come in a pair. You should not have to go down any stairs.

(Either that, or something terrible has happened and foxes have spawned in where there should be none, which is totally possible, but just making sure you’re in the right spot!)

Sorry if that wasn’t clear and you spent time trying to beat something you couldn’t yet!

At the same time, maybe we should just change it to a Red Tail, because those do seem way easier for people to naturally find…


Lol…jim_y <- Excildor

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