New Players/Adventures

How fun would this game be for new players? Is anyone still playing this game after 5 years?

Depends when you play, like every other game, orbus has it’s peak hours. Which is usually 5pm-12am EST on weekdays, and 3pm-2am EST on weekends. But the game is still quite active.

As for the new part. Many people find the beginning of the game boring. It’s a lot of missions and a lot of grinding. This games endgame is where it really shines. Once you hit level 30 (which usually takes a week, maybe two), you gain access to a ton of dungeons, raids, and fellowship.

TLDR; really great community, really good content, but a bit of a slow start from level 1-30.


Continuing with what sloth said getting to level 30 is basically just the tutorial of the game and I think a lot of new players don’t undstand that and quit because they don’t enjoy the beginning of the game.

The most fun. Yes.

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