New players need your help!


Good evening,

There are currently new players being held hostage out inside of the desert wilds. They will be killed off every 5 minutes from the time of this posting. Who will be the heroic figure to come and save them from this trap? There are multiple low levels being held in different spots of the wilds, each of our Representatives will have some form of “good loot” that will be a reward for saving the low levels? Will you come and save them from their doom?

Our customers are our number 1 priority


Meh. I’ll just pay @Kamina to wipe you guys out :slight_smile:


um guess they are dead now rip

even if i had seen it at the exact time of post one would still die before i got there, sooooo rip


can i come to @Kamina


go where? 20 characters


Who said its over? :wink:


any of them left to save atm, I could do a milk run to get them?


The operation may be up and running in the future :slight_smile:


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