New Team Members, Party Voice Chat, and a Wiki!

Since I haven’t seen a post about this, here it is for anyone that hasn’t checked the dev blog yet.

I’ve got to say this bit:
“We’ve been hashing out some really cool ideas for a living storyline that will actually change the game world in significant ways as the game progresses; can’t wait to write about that in a future blog post.”
has me so excited. I love it when stuff you do in a game, especially a MMO has an impact on the world.

All I’d say regarding this, is don’t worry about doing too much, and don’t make it a story with an end. I would love to see events done by players become part of the lore new players read :book:. Make it so the world can change according to our actions, in real and big ways (and also the lore :pray:). But in such a way that people who join the game at a later stage don’t feel like they’ve missed out on 90% of the game (i.e. make the story ongoing, not something with a definitive end).

Oh, yes and if Aaron and/or Nick read the Community Blogs, HI!! :wave:.


“just pick up your Player Compass, and hold it in front of your mouth. It lights up to let you know it’s activated.”

unrelated to your comments on the most recent dev blog, I would just like to say I really appreciate the “it lights up” part, as in many VR games it is unclear when your voice is being transmitted to other people or not.