Next Beta Test (Nov)

Will the servers be reset (chars deleted) before the next beta, or after it?

After the next test. The characters won’t be deleted so we can keep our names, just progression wipe (level, inventory and everything else).

Nov beta: progress will remain. Nothing is planned to be deleted.

Dec EA: Progress will be wiped. Character names will remain for reserve.

This is accurate. By “wipe progress”, basically we’ll reset everything but the achievement for Alpha.

Now if only we knew what date THE GREAT RESET will happen.

Some of us need to request those days off from work. :cowboy_hat_face:


what about the follow ships will we still have them? or will we have to remake them

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You will need to re-make Fellowships.

I thought when it goes back it in november it will be up for good or was I a month off?

Nov 15th is beta 4. Up 24/7 but still only beta. Once it hits early access in December we’re all set back to level 1and the game is considered live. No more wipes

Not in the beta but really looking forward to start playing on the early access.

Alright, had to vent this up, back to work :joy:

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