Next stress test date?

I saw a few potential dates mentioned, but was there any news on a second test in the end? Unfortunately my internet (and power) was out all yesterday due to a hurricane so I ended up missing it. Looking forward to trying this game out. :slight_smile:

Sorry you missed it!

At this point we probably won’t do another large scale test like this for several weeks. Doing these tests takes a lot of dev time since we have to get stuff from prototype to playable – and a lot of stuff we may end up throwing out so that’s not always a great use of our limited time.

I would rather work really hard to get to Alpha so we can have something we can leave up for a weekend that’s closer to what the final game will be. (Plus with more to do!)

In the mean time, I plan to engage the community by asking specific questions about things as we work on them, and sharing a lot of info on the Dev blog.

I will be sure to let everyone know in plenty of time when we’re ready for the next test.

I will say though that for the next test I hope we can leave the server up for at least 12 hours so everyone can enjoy it regardless of work schedule or time zone.

Again, sorry you missed out in this one.


Thanks for putting in all work Riley.
and if you do leave the servers up, i will be online most of the time xD

Thanks for the info, much appreciated! :slight_smile: Will definitely keep an eye on my e-mails in the coming months.

Everyday I open my launcher…Just on the off chance the server is online…Everyday My heart fills with sadness. On a serious note this is one of the top games that I am following. the stress test was fun (even though you could tell the server was in fact Stressed) But Slaying those monsters with 4 or 5 other people was a blast. I cant wait until the next stress test!

Haha. You’ll definitely know in advance if it’s going to be online, no need to check daily :slight_smile: Glad you had fun! And yes the server was, indeed, stressed but I think we’ve made some serious improvements for the next one.

I’m hoping it’s going to be not this weekend but next, but no promises just yet :slight_smile:

Guessing plans fell through for this weekend? Halloween issues? Eagerly awaiting the chance to see what you guys have done so far.

Also, really like this line in the last blog: “more Final Fantasy, less Lord of the Rings.”

Yeah we weren’t able to get it done in time (like I said, no promises! :slight_smile:)

So there’s a lot (a LOT) happening on the game right now, it’s just not in a place where we want to take it from “oh this is cool prototyping” to “let’s commit to this and get it bug free so people can play it”. I think it took around 20 hours of time from us to get everything “ready to go” for the last stress test, and I don’t mind investing that time as long as we’re solid with what we have, but I also don’t want to spend too much of our time budget on that because it just slows down the actual development cycle (and us getting to actual Alpha).

So at this point, the next stress test is going to happen when we have all of the following playable:

  1. All 4 re-worked combat classes
  2. Touchpad locomotion
  3. Proximity voice chat
  4. Fishing
  5. The beginnings of the questing system

The good news is that a lot of that stuff is done, but I think it might take at least another 2 weeks to get the rest done. Rather than just setting an arbitrary date, I think it makes more sense to say “okay, when we have these features done and we’re ready to stress test them, let’s do it.”

I’ll keep updating you all as we get closer to that goal :slight_smile:

Sounds good. As much as I want back in the game, the more you guys get done first the better the experience will be. :slight_smile: