No XP gained text showing for one shot kills

I am not even sure if the XP is being gained but when one-shotting yellow (xp giving) creatures instantly, the only thing shown is an animation of the dying. Usually, the damage isn’t even shown. Would like some better visual feedback around the death of monsters who die instantly.

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i dont mean to be that guy but alot of things in this game need better visual feedback in general
like if i cast a protection spell the first thing i need to know is how much time it has left
then i need to know if it still up like put a translucent orb around the protected player that looks like a forcefield
or something? also it would be nice if the status effects had timers or little pie chart on how much longer they
are going to last.

ok im done please consider my comments.

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i know it makes it harder but i like it the way it is its more realistic you need to work it out and know your spells like casting the spells in the first place its not just a button you realy need to know them and get it right i think thats what makes this game fun/frustrating (as im conviced my spell should have worked it was perfect) maybe they should be a little more forgiving :slight_smile:

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