Noob question/can't find updated info online


New here, love the game so far, great work. But I do have some questions, I tried looking online but the info seems to be for alpha and beta versions.

How do you exit the game properly? I’ve been loading the Oculus menu and closing app.

Does the map track your current location? I was extremely lost trying to make it to the cave. Also died about 4 times…lol

I got the book for silirus(spelling?) And I turned it, she said she gave me a dragon but I don’t have one. Am I reading this wrong or just looking in the wrong place?


To exit the game properly open your menu to go the settings (The gear) and go to general scroll down and you will see a log out button at the bottom.


J has posted an interactive map on the forum that will track your location every time you lift your compass. If you’re talking about whether the in-game compass tracks your location, the answer is ‘sort-of’ - it tracks your relation to nearby landmarks.

If you’re more familiar with the world or better at cartography and knowing where you are, I have also posted a map on the forum and on the Monday Knights discord.


Awesome, thank you for the answers on the mechanics.

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