Not enough time for bubbles

there’s not enough time on the bubbles and we keep dying to them. can you make it last longer?


Yes, it’s a rush to get bubbles. Making the spinning phase 50% longer with no extra bubbles will give us all a chance to get one. I have missed a bubble several times and just died at the jump.

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no. the buff doesn’t last long enough and we get slapped. the amount of time to get them is fine.

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Yup. Just bumped it up by a couple seconds. Let me know if that’s still not enough.

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why not just make it go on until he jumps?

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That would probably end up leading to some exploits if they don’t test it very thoroughly. If there’s no timer I’m sure someone would figure out how to make it stick.

Originally we wanted the timing of grabbing a bubble too early to be part of the challenge but of course that has changed. It’s just simpler and quicker to adjust one value, than having to redo that part (with much less risk of introducing new issues)

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and they’d fix it.

well im not really looking for quick and simple. im looking to not die from stupid stuff. if j have to let a bubble float and it floats into the wall and I csnt get it, that’s just stupid.

The status effect should be long enough now. Thanks for your feedback.


thank you I appreciate it. its really frustrating to break a 15 because people kept dying to that. my apologies if I came off rude or abrupt.


Just an fyi the bubble can still be grabbed too early. If the tank stuns + an early bubble grab = death. I dunno what the general community think if this is fine or not just thought i would mention it.

I’ve increased the time for the buff a bit just now.


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