Notes in your notebook


I try the be as immersive as I possibly can. I don’t often wiki things and rarely use discord even. I think a simple ability to have a few blank pages in your note book you could make notes in would be huge. Some of these things are on the wiki, but would be great to be able to make notes in game so I don’t have to take my headset off to check a sheet of paper.

Things I could make notes of

-Good gathering points for X collectable.
-Lure combos
-Tile sets I’m working on
-Fellowship meetup time
-That guy who just killed me in the wilds who will surely rue the day
-Quest oddities I might forget to help others
-Fish locations
-Established people who seem rich and generous, to invite to my shows
-Newer players who were friendly I might want to scout for member ship
-That thing I keep forgetting to do that’s totally important


Agreed, it would be very cool to keep our own notes! And the best would be to have a combination of the ability to physically write on the page manually, type with a keyboard, and also voice-type, if possible.


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