Notorious Monsters Like in FFXI?

Will this game feature “rare” versions of monsters that have a small chance of spawning in place of a “normal” monster, and that drop rare items?

The reason I ask is because this was a mechanic in Final Fantasy XI and wound up being my favorite thing to do… camp “NMs”

I would spend days trying to get a piece of gear from an elusive creature. The feeling I got when I finally got the items was very satisfying :slight_smile:

@Riley_D liked the idea of rare mobs, when suggested in this thread. So I think something like this might be coming.


Awesome! I didn’t play Diablo, so I’m not familiar with the rare “packs” mentioned, but it sounds like the same basic concept.

Thanks for the reply.

@Draven SICK! Oh man, I am so excited for this game!!! I was kind of on the fence but I think I’m going to have to throw down the cash for the open beta now too.

Yeah, it’s really incredible and keeps getting better. There is a little bit of a learning curve, but the community is super helpful, so if you run into any issues, please feel free to ask around in-game, here, or in the discord channel!

Yeah we are definitely going to be playing around with this.

In general the concept that I’m working off of (which I think I’ve mentioned before) is 90/10. As in, to get to 90% of ‘max effectiveness’ should be fairly approachable for everyone playing the game. But if you want to get from 90->100%, that is going to require a lot more time and effort. Some of the things we are planning on doing to get that last 10% are:

  • Really having to dive into the Artificing system and enhance your gear
  • Hard modes of dungeons, running raids
  • Rare spawns, rare crafting drops (e.g. rare herbs, rare fish, etc.)
  • Epic quests/achievements

Speaking of Artificing…any chance we may see it soon? :slight_smile:

+1 to what @Draven said:)

+2 to @Draven for artificing

Keeping in mind that soon is a totally relative term, yes.