Nox Raid Party!


Dear Fellow Orbies,

Nox would like to cordially invite everyone to a normal mode raid party! This will be the last one for a bit because we are about to switch up our event schedule in favor of variety; raid party will likely be moved to the 4th Saturday of every month. We would appreciate an RSVP by replying on this thread, but it is not required to attend - just useful for planning.

Saturday, 21 July 2018

(Post will be edited for future applicable dates)

Meeting Place:
Zoological Gardens

–Please hop in a voice channel in the Nox discord and mute your mic in discord, not in game
We are going to use in game voice while using Nox voice channels to keep tabs of the in-line-to-raid and actively-raiding. Once we have a full 10 and they’re in a raid party, they can hop into the raid area and up to the group if they want to turn the discord mic on. It will be used as a visual cue to track groups.

Raid party start time:
3pm US CDT (GMT -5)

Raid party end time:
I guess when everyone gets tired and crashes! Nox is known for its late nights; wouldn’t be surprised if still going strong till around 4am!

We’re hoping to get plenty of people to field at least 3 raid groups simultaneously with back fills at the ready. If there’s any leftover that doesn’t fit into a group of 10, while awaiting additional people or attrition hopefully you’ll still enjoy hanging out, ice breakers, sharing stories, “waiting games,” maybe even doing the PvP arena!

Current waiting games in mind:
PvP arena
Mana Shield Dodgeball
Sharing fun Orbus stories
Spell practice
Chain casting competitions
Ranger and musketeer sharp shooter competitions

(In honor of Sparky and The Well of Urd, Bar Brawlers and other events coming soon!)

Please be mindful of the Orbus Code of Conduct as well as the Nox Code of Conduct; violators will be removed from the Nox discord.
"Just a joke" or “Just kidding” does not make it okay and are not valid "excuses"

All members of the Nox discord server have two things in common: we love Orbus, and we want everyone to feel comfortable interacting with us and with other players. The members represent a diverse range of people from around the world, all with unique and complex backgrounds. As such, it may not be possible to outline in our code of conduct everything that might be considered harassment or that which could be unintentionally harmful to our fellow players. Therefore chat members will make every effort to accommodate reasonable requests to avoid certain words and even humor made by other members and Orbus players. Members will avoid disparaging language and humor involving rape, age, race, sex, religion, and politics.

Violators will be handled by any admin Nox member’s discretion and may also be reported via the in game function.


This sounds like fun; count me in.


That sounds fun, but why so early? I’m in WA and that’s 4pm. Most people in half the country will still be at work on a Friday (even it was 6pm in PST).


Because that’s the earliest Nox members will be available to host. That’ll be 8pm for Atlantic time and even later for our Orbies on the other side of the Atlantic. As people get tired or head to bed, people from MST and PST will be a nice backfill as you become available. It’ll be a rolling event with many coming and going from as early as 6pm CDT to as late as 10 people wanna stay up wherever they are.


im in as long as i can heal would like to learn this raid and if im able to at around 5pm est


im in, i can dps or heal


I’ll try to be there even though it’s 1.00 am for me :smiley:


I’m in!
20 characters


Im down. musky -Tasty


I can help out too, if you guys need more healers. :slight_smile:


I should be available to DPS for a bit.


Mmk, so as people arrive, I’m going to ask them to hop in a Nox voice channel but mute their discord mic (only mute the mic; I’ll hop in to announce stuff and need you to hear me). I’m going to use in game voice while using our voice channels to keep tabs of the in-line-to-raid and actively-raiding. Once we have a full 10 and they’re in a raid party, they can hop into the raid area and up to the group if they want to turn the discord mic on. I’ll mostly be using it as a visual cue to track groups. I plan to coordinate and facilitate as long as I’m on.


I can be there to tank.


Nox Raid Party last Friday had two raid groups going! Maybe this week we’ll hit 3! Start time is 2pm US CST this Saturday so that hopefully it won’t be too late for players outside of the Americas to join! Hop in Nox voice chat Lakewood Inn, turn off your discord mic, and come to the zoological garden!


Eros and I (Katora in game) would love to come along. Both lvl 20, prefer DPS.


Spare DPS runemage here if you need one.


Thanks @Airis for setting this up. Last week was fun. It is a lot of work and too often thankless. So… THANKS!


i should be able to make it to the raid as well


i can make it also today and saturday assuming the party will be going when i get home in a few hours


I’ll try to make it this time around, down for normal or a go at the earlier hard mode bosses