Numbers setting

can you make a option to turn on numbers for people like me, so you will see how much dmg you are doing, receiving, how much you are healing and etc

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there is a parser called Cindy but its for pc only

@Warfort_Brettman just released a Quest parser :slight_smile:

no fucking wayyy

My mind is just as blown as yours, my friend.

so i dropped 1 grand for a pc for a parser nice now theres a quest one

kinda mid tho
not as good as others but for not using the combat log holy shit

Technically speaking it isn’t a parser, but a spreadsheet. It does not actually parse anything (aka reading a log of recorded data and analysing that data).

Instead, what it is, is a guesstimation calculation sheet based on time-to-kill vs hp of known targets.

So in other words there still isn’t a proper way to parse on quest 1/2. But at least there is this little handy spreadsheet.

At least as far as i can see at a glance :slight_smile:

A bit of clarification… For each target in the sheet, this is done:

Mutated rat — =C8/B2 — C8 is total hp left after warrior damage, B2 is time on target

Fellowship dummy (Minotaur) — =(D3*B3+C3)/B3 — D3 is dummy healing per second, B3 is time on target, C3 is dummy total health

… and so on…

In other words, while nice, it is far from accurate

Edit 2:

Also note the authors own info text about the graphs which are just randomly generated for the memes, and does not represent reality at all, except for the final number (which is the same as in the result rows):

Please note that the graphs are all
RNG as you do not have access
to combat logs on quest so I
Made the meme graph to make
it feel more like a parser, It
still is a parser but now you can
pretent to have high spikes
Still does show your actual dps
On the chart at the end if you
prefer to read off of the graph

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Kudos to the author for coming up with something close and keeping it fun.

It is pretty cool for what it is, and I really like that the creator made the graphs tongue-in-cheek

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sure but it is very very accurate. i’ve tested it several times with brett.

Still pretty accurate parse tho

Ok so why don’t you try it out and compare a parse from here to Cindy while your at it the fellowship dummy is not fully right there’s a couple IF statements there to help keep the parse in check and you will find it is very accurate for what it is me and xeno had 203 second parse for Warrior dps and we both got 13k with cindy and my dps calculator


periods bro. use periods. that was like a 15 breath sentence.


@Xenocider @Warfort_Brettman
Don’t get me wrong, the calculations are fine. The inaccuracy is the human part of the numbers you feed the sheet whereas a log parser automatically gets the correct data :slight_smile:

You don’t have a log on quest and again the accuracy is still really good

its the closest thing to a psrser and as I said, its ridiculously accurate. especially for something made by a 17 year old with a 0.2 gpa /j.

I know, that was my point :slight_smile:

The point is it still has really really good accuracy go test it if you think it’s inaccurate

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