Oculas dash support

will this be a thing that will be done?

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Is there a part of it that’s not working right now? I was able to load in the 2.0 Beta and use Dash in-game but I didn’t do much more than that.

If you can please add it so you can still see the environment around you when you press the home button that would be awesome!

Okay, I assume that’s something that Unity itself will have to add support for, but I will keep my eye open.

Yeah there is something on Orbus side that has to be done in order to have dash show up in game.

+1 for the idea though.

It already is, here is the dev doc:

Okay, great, I’ll put that on my list.


So reading through this, it sounds like it’s not really supported unless you’re on 2017.3 unless you use a specially back-ported build. I will see if that backport is something we can make work, otherwise it may take a while to get this up and running because it will be a while before we’re on 2017.3…but yeah I’ll definitely keep seeing what we can do.

wow such an active topic i made lol sometimes i cant really acess the desktop properly while in game not sure if that’s just because its still in beta or orbis side

I’ve been using dash successfully in Orbus for a while now. Never had an issue with it!

It does work fine, this is simply a suggestion post to add support for seeing your environment when you open dash rather than it swapping to the white room.

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the answer is yes and no

I would love to have dash show up in environment as well. +1 on this

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