Oculus Free Weekend 7/19 to 7/22!


Hi everyone, we’re having another free weekend on Oculus starting today, so I wanted to let you all know if you see a bunch of new players again.

The last ones went super well and brought new regular players in, so as always we appreciate any help the veterans can offer to people seeking answers! :slight_smile:

It starts at 10AM PDT and will last until 12AM PDT Sunday. Let your friends know if they haven’t played or bought the game!


Just to clarify, does the free weekend end at midnight after Saturday (technically 12am 7/22) or the following day? I assume some people will be confused if it ends before Sunday actually rolls around.


According to the Oculus page, it looks like it’s ending on Sunday at midnight, as it turns Monday.


Thanks! Just wanted to confirm since

doesn’t match that. I figured that’s what you meant


Yep you’re right, it should be 11:59 PM Sunday / 12 AM PDT Monday


Yay I love free weekends ect. Lots of new people to run with.
Also a good way to get rid of extra dragons :slight_smile:


Yup! nice way to clear out all them dragons that have been building up in our banks xD


My friends and I would also love to try Orbus VR, because all of us are considering buying it and starting a fellowship. Unfortunately we missed the free weekend to give Orbus VR a shot, hopefully there will be another chance to do so in the future. :slight_smile:

In my opinion a VR MMO is the only real thing that could be a system seller for VR and you have my utmost respect for being a pioneer of this!


Hey there, thanks for the kind words! This wasn’t the first free weekend we’ve done, so it likely won’t be the last. :slight_smile:


Ill help them anyway i can… can’t wait!


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