Oculus or HTC Vive or Pimax


You’ll be better off with Pimax 5k+ rather than the 8k one, you’ll need a top end pc to get good frame rate with it, probably 1080ti or 2080ti with a good CPU so it doesn’t bottleneck


The bad thing for the primax is that: there are not so many games like vive or oculus,and,for the primax you will need sure a 1080ti.


Pimax runs SteamVR so you can use it to play any of the games from steam and I believe you can also use revive to use oculus games too


What about the tracking, is Pimax better than Vive. If i get the hand motion one I don’t even need controllers right? Also you can order Graphics cards that come with the VR Headset


As I haven’t tried a Pimax headset I cant comment on the tracking, I believe it will be as good as the Vive’s as it uses the same lighthouse tracking system.

As far as I know the hand tracking thing isn’t to replace controllers (as you’ll still need buttons and triggers etc in games) but more to add more depth and immersion to the social side of VR

I think Pimax have deals for headsets with graphics cards but I’ve not looked into them too much as I’m waiting for steams knuckle controllers before I consider leaving my rift behind


How could you forget dash !!! Lol


Oculus dash is amazing, I forgot to mention that, I use it all the time, watch Netflix while fishing, quickly checking discord or the forums while playing, super easy to use


5K+ also has a better screen quality due to the way the pixsals (no idea how to spell it internet explore is shit for spell correction) are aliened


How about the controllers


ok the vive controllers fit better, are more robust , the track pads make movement feel more natural, the trackpads make movement more accurate, the are not hand specific. there are probably a few more but at the moment I can’t think of any thing.:grin: is that ok?


As a Vive owner I vastly prefer the oculus touch controllers. The Vive controllers feel better for some games but overall comfort is definitely in favor of oculus. Though I have no complaints about the vive controllers. My original controllers are still going strong. Knock on wood.

In the end the difference between the two headsets comes down to available USB ports and personal preference.

Each headset comes with it’s own additional cost to have the premium experience. The Deluxe Audio Strap makes the vive experience much better than with the standard strap, but that’s another $100 on top of the headset cost of the vive.

The oculus kinda requires 1 or 2 extra cameras/sensors for the full room scale experience depending on the size of your play space. Though I’ve played a fairly large room scale experience with a few hiccups with only two sensors.


The Pimax 8k is a 2k upscaled to 4k for each eye. The 8k+ is the true 4k per eye. Keep this in mind when looking at the 5k+ vs the 8k


I got my Rift a few months ago, and I haven’t looked back. The controllers are definitely superior - but it’s mostly the software that does it for me. I use Oculus Home to watch shows in a floating window, while I sit and fish in OrbusVR. It’s obviously up to preference, but the ability to do things like that makes the Rift a winner for me.


Do you think I could do the same thing with Oculus Home on a Pimax 5k


Not sure - to be honest, I don’t know too much about the Pimax’s software. I’ve only got experience with Oculus, but maybe someone else here knows more than I do.


Just my 2 cents I have the oculus and I love it. Few reasons why not only us the oculus home software great. I can also use steam and steam vr as well. I don’t think it works vise versa I don’t think you can use oculus home with vibe though I don’t know for sure cause I don’t own one. So not only can I play all oculus games but all steam vr games too. I can even use the steam vr home if I like. And the vr titles on steam that say vibe only all the ones I’ve tried worked fine with oculus. I haven’t found I game or app I wanted to use and couldn’t yet with my oculus. I’ve had it for about a year in a half. Also their is a program called vorpx that works great with the oculus i don’t know if it works with the vibe or not. This program allows you to basically play games that whare not intended for vr to be played in vr. The best example is gta5, plus loads more. And let’s not forget the very light and comfort of the oculus head set. Not to mention the touch controllers are amazing. Welp, that’s my 2 cents


Wow I didn’t know that, good tipp… next time I really want to play a vive game I likely just try my luck :slight_smile:


I have only used Rift extensively. If you can spend extra hundred or so, I’d go Vive. That way you can upgrade components as they come out ie pimax and still use lighthouse controllers.


So i personally own the Oculus Rift with 3 sensors, and the HTC Vive with the wireless adapter. I have also been doing a ton of research into the Pimax headset, and will be getting the Pimax 5k+ upon release.

I personally love the oculus controllers over the Vive controllers, though the vive controllers do feel like they have a better build quality.

The Pimax 5k+ you will be fine with a GTX 1070, though if you want to be future proof go with a 1080ti or a RTX 2080ti, if you want to drop the money for Raytracing and the added 25% boost over the 1080ti.

Now the wireless currently with the Vive is amazing. I also bought some Kiwi brand comfort pads and they make the world of a difference for being able to play. I also bought an additional 3 20000mah battery packs for use with the headset so i can keep using the adapter and not have to worry any. One battery pack lasts about 6-8 hours i would say. The one that comes with the adapter is a 5700mah pack that you can get maybe 2.5hrs out of. I use it still because it is lightweight and feels better on your side or back.

Tracking: Setting up the oculus, I needed to buy a PCI-E USB 3.0 expansion card to be able to handle all of the sensors and the headset. For the price it is an amazing deal to get into VR. But other than that, i never really had any tracking issues with the oculus that I can remember. Setting up the Vive on the other hand, i had a bunch of issues that i found out was due to me having them spaced too far apart, and having a big glass model cabinet in my basement that was bouncing signals back to the base stations and messing tracking up. Ever since then i have been running my wireless and have had no tracking issues!

Like i said earlier, I will personally be buying the Pimax 5k+, it will be compatible with most SteamVR titles, uses the vive controllers and basestations (1.0 and 2.0 apparently). 200 FOV, no more screen door effect, and the Vive knuckles are coming out sometime next year. I am ready for a truly immersive VR experience, and the Pimax will do that for me.

Hope this helped a little bit.

Edit: Just read up on some recent reviews. If you want to use the Pimax effectively you WILL need a RTX 2080ti, which may sway my decison and push it off a little longer. $1200-1500 for a GPU and then $700 for a headset gets a little pricey.


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