Oculus or HTC Vive or Pimax


I’ve already looked into both of them but I’m unsure which one would be the best for this game. Oculus or the HTC Vive. Which do you use? Why do you suggest I get Oculus over HTC or the other way around? Please make recommendations for me because I’m really buying a Vr Headset for this game only. Maybe The Oculus is lighter weight and that will help my movement in game? I really don’t know, but please give me some insight on which you think is better for Orbus. Thanks


I use oculus rift, the controllers are much nicer to use, the vive wands are known for breaking


On the other hand I have heard of oculus headsets breaking more than Vive, but yes Vive controllers are known for breaking rather frequently, on my 4th one and each one I have had to self repair 2 months after getting.


They both have pros and cons, but ultimately it comes down to personal preference. I would suggest if you are able to, go to a local store that has a demo. Try them both and figure out which is better for you.

I have 1,300 hours in VR on my Vive and I’ve yet to have a physical problem with them. One had a software fault which required a hard reset which was a pain.

Oculus also tends to be more for tinkerers whereas the Vive is full function out of the box.


I have both, so i guess im qualified to respond.

Both have there prose and cones.


  • small nice controllers
  • light headset for longer play time
  • fishing in orbus is faster

  • not as good tracking… recommend 3d tracker. Especially for tank.
  • smaller playspace possible. Annoying for potion making
  • headset right ear and cabel tend to brake upon heavy use.
  • annoying to fix


  • large playspace possible
  • tracking is amazing
  • works well with steam advanced settings
  • relatively easy to fix and get parts.

  • battery tends to run out on controllers upon long play
  • controller trackpad gets damaged easily.
  • HDMI cable tends to breake


Which has more battery life do you think? How long could i play if i just kept on playing until the battery ran out on Oculus and Vive.


Thanks for this overview - I like the Oculus controllers, the option to just use rechargeble batteries , but that is basically it. Just a personal review, I sent my first Oculus in to support, because of right earphone broken and frequent blackscreens. Now the replacement device’s headphones I got (with nearly no guarantee left on it) broke AGAIN after a couple weeks and I have to use my regular headphones which kind of spoils the otherwise nice advantage of a light headset.

I am truly disappointed also I think relying the exclusive Oculus Store might be a very big fail, I am curious if I can even use my apps anymore if I switch to - for example - Pimax later.

PS: As for battery life of the Oculus, it’s hard to tell how long they hold, this highly depends on usage, on the kind of batteries and so on; I change mine every few days but it can be more frequently; but it doesn’t matter much how long they hold if you got more than one set of batteries.

PPS: I tried my friend’s Vive and can confirm that tracking is amazing. I am continously setting up tracking on my Oculus and sensors still fail. For some strange reason they must not stand more than 2 meters apart which unfortunately does not really fit to my surroundings. Got no 3rd sensor yet but my usb-ports already got a hard time supporting the 2 so I also don’t think it’s a good idea.


Yup same experience as Burnator. The faster fishing is probably the fps though. This game lets you fish slower if you have lower fps -_-

If price wasn’t a problem I would go Vive but after burning 4 controllers and 3 cables I switched to rift because of it becoming a money drain. (To be fair using it a lot and very rough though)

@Yuzukito rift controllers use AA batteries which you have to buy yourself. These controllers stay on for multiple days if you play alot.

Vive on the other hand you have to charge your controllers every day (after about 6 hours I think)


I have 2 sets of rechargeable batteries plugged in on charge on my wall, using a rift I never have to stop to wait for controllers to charge, just quickly switch batteries and good to go

Rift vs Vive is mostly down to person preference, I would recommend trying them both out beforehand if you have that option


Battery life: I tend to only play sub 6 hours on my Vive and i’ve never ran out of batteries. I 3D printed a mount and use a magnetic USB plug, so all I have to do is slap the controller on the mount and it starts charging. Extremely convenient to the point I don’t even think about charging or battery life of the controllers.

I personally went with the Vive due to the tracking and bigger play space. I also purchased my Vive prior to Oculus getting the vast improvement to their tracking. There was no good room scale tracking with Oculust when I got my Vive.


OrbusVR Being the only game that I play long enough that my HTC Vive actually runs out of batteries while playing, I can get in a good 4-5 Hours before the batteries start running low / fully charged.

Note: my VIVE is 1 year old, and usually by the time the batteries start going out I’m past due for a break anyway. Charge time is about 45 mins to an Hour.

On another note, I absolutely love my VIVE. I havn’t tried the Oculus so it’s hard for me to make a comparison, but I can say if you have the play space, the tracking is amazing, and really makes games come to life.

As for reports of things breaking easily, I can say I havn’t had any problems, but I am careful with all of my devices. I havn’t dropped the controllers , and treat my headset like a newborn baby.


How long have you had your Vive? I’ve had mine for a year and a half, and havn’t had anything break or show problems of wear.

The hdmi cable is extremely thick and the quality of the Vive parts is quite high. But yes, you do need to treat everything with care, especially the headset, bases, and controllers.


I have both. I use the Oculus way more because I like their controllers more. I believe that the Vives tracking is superior, even compared to my 4 camera setup for oculus. Honestly if you can afford the vive…pick it up.


I have a $5000 Budget. What’s the best thing or setup I can get for the vive or oculus.


The overkill one right now is the PimaxVR 8k + model. It’s not on sale but it should be soon ish. The true 4k per eye instead of the upscaled 2k.


I recommend vive its overall a better headset, its more comfortable and looks nicer, if you use the Samsung gear vr lenses with it( there is probably a video out there for switching it out) it look and feel so much nicer. plus the controllers are better and light houses track room scale out the box.


side note if you get portable chargers ( something like this https://www.amazon.co.uk/Pokemon-1635011111-Pokeball-Power-Bank/dp/B01LYF1JQL/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1541562231&sr=8-4&keywords=pokemon+portable+charger) you can play all day no problem


this is very much dependent on ones personal preference, I find the oculus way more comfortable and just saying the vive controllers are better without any explanation doesn’t give much, as I find the oculus controller to be better due to build quality, comfort and the joysticks is IMO a better solution than the trackpad which has a tendency to break over time.


The Pimax 8k makes only sense with a terrific graphics card supporting it, currently only the 1080Ti is availalbe and I read a couple reviews stating that only cards yet forthcoming really make sense to buy with it.


Now I’m leaning towards the Pimax because 8k sounds appealing. If I get a pimax… considering the graphics aren’t as realistic as I think they are, what would my pc specs have to be at the minimum to get the full gameplay at 60fps+