Oculus Quest 4 Orbus


Who on this forum would buy an oculus quest strictly for Orbus VR???

Just saying hi to everyone hope your night is well… I just got engaged 4 days ago!


congrats on engaged i would not buy the quest i have no use for it when it strictly me play vr on my rift


I would probably get a quest if Orbus runs on it, will have to wait to see if it ends up getting supported after reborn release

Would use it to fish or make potions while on my break at work, I don’t think it would be a replacement for the PC headsets, more of a easy access to the game while unable to play from home due to battery life and no discord etc


I can’t see how games complex like Orbus should run stable on the quest or any current standalone headset; I am playing on laptop frequently and it got major issues handling it already. Games like Beat Saber or Superhot are announced for the Quest, but on first look they are way simpler.
I’d likely wait until it’s out and first people tested it, but I am sceptical…


Good point actually!


If bbn it runs orbus Ill buy one for sure.


Well my GTX 680 on reborn runs 90 fps on Ultra before the bugs kick in. Soooo I think the quest might have a fair change. Also people with a Titan or GTX 1080 and other great hardware like beast CPU still have problems with the current Orbus fps. Sooo I have hope.



Awesome!!! I’m hoping you are correct!

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