Oculus quest controller support on Steam VR?

Hello there. I was wondering if we could get oculus quest controller support for steam VR. I recently tested the demo version on steam via Virtual desktop and ill be honest im loving it. The graphic is amazing the latency is as if id play from my Quest. A big + is the battery drain is way less when im using VD then when im actually playing Orbus on my Quest xD

But… the only issue is the controllers. I am playing Shaman / ranger and the usual hold on my bow is way different due to controller difference.
Hope its not a lot of work for a simple update like this id gladly pay another 40 bucks for such a thing xD

There should be an option for weapon rotation in your settings menu. See if that helps.

The issue is the difference in controllers height and angle. Like when I play shaman and how id usually throw something on Quest the difference on SteamVR is as if it throws it more downwards .

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Does it seem to hit something invisible and then fall short?
I get that sometimes on Oculus…

touch controllers behave weirdly when orbus is ran through steamVR

unless something was done with that when they adjusted the index rotation(at least they said they might take a look at it then)

if you use link at least you can run the game through oculus without steamVR and have the same rotation as what you’re used to.

I ran steamvr on my old oculus in oldgame and the same thing happened. Usually its fine unless you launch it to run that way.