Oculus quest crashes since sound update

I seem to have more crashes on my quest since the sound update. This in itself is not such a big deal, I know the Devs are working to sort this out. The bigger issue for me is since the update the crashes have been harder. When I crash out of Orbus the screen freezes and where it use to quit to the quest menu after a second or so it usually does not. The occulus button does not always help and in the worst case I have to power cycle my quest which I never had to do before.

Thanks for letting us know, are you seeing this when preforming certain actions, or playing a certain time, or anything we can try to re-create on our end to do some testing? When we did the audio update we also updated the drivers and some more back end plugins for the quest so it’s probably being caused by that as opposed to the new audio itself but this is the first report were seeing on it so any additional information surrounding when or what your doing when you crash would be great, thanks.

I seem to remember it happens in dungeons or or public events when a lot is happening and other players and mobs are present. The times are 2pm to about 6pm UK time which is GMT+1 at this moment. More so on dungeons, I remember the sewers at just after 5pm.

I will pay more attention to what’s going on next time.

I’am also crashing very often when going thru the menue or my inventory. The screen just freezes and the only way to fix it, is to close the game via oculus menue or restart the quest.

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We’re investigating this - how often has it happened to you, and did it happen before the latest patch as well?

I’m not in a quest, but I’ve noticed a lot of crashes, like connection closed where you get kicked to the login screen. It’s like been the last week now? I was rarely crashing like this before.

Im playing Orbus again since 3 days, so I cant say If it happened before that update.
Right now the screen freeze crash happens to me about 3 - 5 times while playing a 4 hour session

The audio is far better than before and we are not randomly able to use it anymore, BUTTTTTTTT… I think we have more crash than before and they are also more “violent” sometimes I need to wait to restart Orbus or even yesterday night, I needed to restart the Oculus Quest :frowning:

Generally it happens when I do big movement like harvesting in caves or while I put things in my player house chest

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