Oculus quest playtime


Curious how much playtime people are getting with the quest. Seems to use up energy way more than other games or just watching like netflix. I get almost exactly 3 hours plugged in (playing while connected to wall outlet it came with) using with the quest. Wondering if anyone figured out how to keep headset cool so it will charge while playing? Mine heats up to 43 Celcius pretty quick (about 25 to 35 min).

3 hrs is ok, but with raids coming hoping can get closer to 5 hours playtime.


I play roughly 3 hours with the quest w/o it being plugged in…


I do 2+ hours then plug in a 3A, 10000mah battery and play a few more while it charges the quest back up to full, so if you’re looking for 5h+ playtime you’ll definitely be fine with a portable battery of about that size. Seems to work fine


Hmm interesting. Mine doesnt charge while plugged into either power pack (5v 3A usb c to usb cable, 10000) or the oculus quest factory wall charger if I attempt to charge while playing. I get maybe 20 to 30 min of charge then just stops working for sone reason.

Do u have external fans on urs or anything (or did u do a factor reset or reboot since got it). I assume mine is overheating and the safeguard (when internal battery temp reaches 43 degrees) is kicking in and shutting down charging.


nothing fancy, just an ankher battery and have been using the usbc-usbc cable that came with the oculus, my battery only puts out 3A on the usbc port, so c to c is necessary afaik.


Yah, USB-C to USB-C charger 3A workes fine for me. It charges when playing

2.1A USB charger keeps it alive for a bit longer, but is not quite enough to charge it.


Hmm do u guys play with a fan on or in a colder room. Mine charges for a but, but then headset gets warm and wont take a charge.


I haven’t noticed any sort of heat issue… but it’s fairly cool where I am so maybe in a hot room that could be a thing? Are your internal fans definitely functioning on the quest?

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