Oculus Rift Issue



Hi There,
I’m using the Oculus Rift often when I open the menu I find my characters hands disappear is there any way to fix this I had the same problem in beta 2



Hi, that is quite strange! Can you send us an output log? You can press report bug in the launcher after you’ve played with that issue. I’d recommend just doing a clean game start, login, get the issue, log out and then send it to us. Thanks!


You’re losing tracking. I also find it very frustrating, it’s better in current Orbus. Your hands aren’t actually disappearing, they’re being moved to the center of your playspace. A good way to demonstrate it is to move your controllers out of view from your sensors and looking down at your feet.


Yea , I have lost tracking more often in reborn then in Orbus. It has killed me a few times already. Not sure what’s up with that. I think in Orbus your hands would just jerk … not disappear. It has not given me the rage I thought it would however … except in pvp … but that was my own fault (I was not facing my sensors >. <)

I wonder if because the mobs move more I spin more and loose tracking because I don’t have a 3rd sensor… could just be that and nothing software based.


Losing tracking in Orbus causes your hands to simply stop moving, while in Reborn they will jump to the center of your playspace. It’s better to have it just stop, because it’s still somewhere near your actual hand’s position. Was super frustrating playing as Paladin, and anytime I raised my hammer, it’d jump down below me.


Oooo , Eww … thats what was happening … Hands Disappearing is Super Unsetteling …