Oculus store over-rides game

is anyone else having an issue when they play the game that Oculus is forcing the game to close, after being active for about 30 mins, then opening the oculus store.

No I dont get this issue, but I cant start orbus directly from oculus home, orbus just gets a black window. I have to start it from within steam.

Does this happen every time you open the game, or is it hit and miss. I havent seen this bug reported yet anywhere else on the forums so any other information you can provide would be great. thanks

I play on Oculus Home and havent run into this once. Hmm


i launch from oculus and can play for hours no issue


Its hit or miss and i tried the new oculus beta its worse the game sends a crash report. I just met someone in game that said you can set steam VR for oculus under settings and developer tab but i cant find what setting it is

You should not have SteamVR open at all if you are playing the game on Rift. Close SteamVR and just launch the game itself from Steam.

Its not open its just an option for me to try.

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