Oculus Touch support? (EDIT - Its playable w/ Oculus)

Hey guys, just stumbled across this game by googling VR MMORPG. Looked all over the website and through the forums and couldn’t find anything, so I must ask, Any oculus touch support currently? or in the near future.

The game looks amazing, would like to stress test it and help development by beta testing if possible.


Yeah it’s going to come to Touch eventually. It will probably be closer to Beta than Alpha though. I just don’t have the resources currently to develop it for both at the same time without it slowing me way down. But once things are more set in stone and I’m not making massive changes every week it should be possible to do. I’ve been keeping the Touch in mind when I’ve been doing the control scheme and whatnot, and I don’t think there should be any issues.

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Oculus+Touch user here. Personally, I’d be perfectly happy to just have the Vive control scheme mapped onto the Touch controllers. Even if it’s not proper hand presence with finger movement like you get with made-for-Touch games, I just want to be able to try it out. Is there anything that the Vive wands do that the Touch controllers inherently don’t?

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So, the game is really designed for a “room scale” experience. I’m not going to not let people without a room-scale setup use it, but for example we don’t have the ability to turn around in the game. Like, unless you turn around in real-life. So if a monster comes up behind you right now, and you are not in a room-scale setup, you will just get killed. Not a great experience, haha.

I know some other games have added the ability to do like a “quick turn” or something like that so you can remain facing the same way if you have a 180-degree setup, and we’ll likely do that in the future as well. But I just wanted to point out, even if right now the controller mappings worked, unless you have a room-scale Touch setup it probably won’t be the best experience.

Note I’m not saying the Touch can’t do room-scale because I know it totally can, but I just think the number of people who have a Touch and expect Touch games to work with a 180-degree setup is really high, and I don’t want to “officially” support it until we don’t have to include that disclaimer.

But since you’re like the 10th person to ask me about it in the last 24 hours, I can assure you I will be acquiring a Touch as soon as humanly possible and hopefully by the next test we can officially support it. :smile:


Thanks for the updates Riley. Can’t wait to play. So excited

In regards to touch and room scale, I think more people than you think have the room scale setup. If you look in the Oculus forums you’ll see it’s not as rare as you think. I actually have 4 buds who own the Oculus, 3 of them have Room-scale. Mine is 10ftX8ft atm, but I plan on making it bigger if I acquire some extensions.

Either way, I can’t wait to try your game. MMO’s have always been my favorite, and in VR it sounds awesome. Ill keep my eyes open

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I have to agree with Jason on the amount with room scale. Also - I don’t know anyone that expects a game for touch controllers to be 180. I agree some people aren’t interested in the room scale experience but I believe almost none of those people would be trying your game. Also - have you reached out to oculus for a dev kit?

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Well it’s using SteamVR, so Oculus+Touch works quite good out of the box. Of Course there are minor issues like rotated Hands but at least it’s playable


Well, I downloaded the launcher, popped in, and everything seemed to have worked on the Oculus. There were some minor things that you might be able to work on down the road Riley, such as the angle of how you hold a shield, arrow, etc. But I was able to teleport, change classes, move around 360, fight some stuff. Everything seemed to work fine on Oculus.

I think you’re both right. I think most oculus owners have a 2 sensor setup. However, I think most rift owners that discovered this game and/or frequent the subreddit are set up for roomscale.

Probably, I’ve been playing for the past 4 hours on Touch.

I played for a while with Touch. The biggest problem is that there’s no control stick turning. Actually, perhaps even worse was that you can only stick-move in the direction that you’re looking – you can’t go backwards. Just by chance I’d always end up having to fight an enemy exactly in the spot where one of my hands would be occluded, and I’d be unable to (for example) load my spell-bullets into my musket properly. Just add a bit more stick movement and we’re good to go.

Hmm, I logged in for the play test the other day with my touch, and it looked great, but my touch controllers didn’t seem to work. I could bring up the menu, but couldn’t select anything, couldn’t grab anything, or transport… Did you guys using your Touch systems do anything odd to get it working?

Riley, your screenshots and sample videos don’t do it justice… I really was expecting less of an experience, but although I only got to stand at the spawn point due to my issues, just looking around, it was a lot more than I expected. Great job, and I look forward to watching it develop.

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Greg, do you have SteamVR setup? When I launched the game I didn’t have to configure anything. It all worked well. The game runs off of SteamVR, so thats the only thing I’m thinking why your touch controllers didnt work

There was a bug in the first few versions (anything before 0.30) where you wouldn’t have hands when you logged in even if you were using the Vive. Sounds like that may have been what happened.

And thanks for the kind words!

Also you will be happy to know I purchased a Rift and Touch controllers and they should be here next week, so hopefully I will have time to set it up and get it tested before the next play test…

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AWESOME! Once u officially support it, I’ll blow up the Oculus forums for ya =)

That’s awesome news, I’ll look forward to the next test to see if I"m effected by the same bug and give it a little more effort to diagnose as well.

I played during the Stress Test on Thursday with Oculus and Touch. I logged in around 7:30EST, so I am not sure which version was running then, but mostly everything worked. I played the Ranger and leveled up to 4, and then tried the Warrior briefly. I was able to teleport, fight, use the menus, pick up items, everything seemed fine. I did have some odd glitches, like the trackpad locomotion, would work then not work, then work again. This was outside of combat (because I know its disabled during combat). I loved the game, I really liked bow combat, and the SAO menu system was a awesome touch. Picking up loot was also really interesting, the way you handled it. I know the game is in very early stages, but I was quite impressed at the content and mechanics. The potential of this game is HUGE, I really hope you and your team are able to achieve everything you have planned. I will be eagerly awaiting the next opportunity to play. Until then, I have told most of friends about it, and sent videos to them so they could “see” it. I will continue to tell people about it. If you want some more details on the small issues I had with Touch, let me know. Amazing work! keep it up!

Thanks for the kind words! :slight_smile: