Off-hand stops working with menus

Using Oculus Rift from Oculus home. Often while playing I’ll open my menu with my off-hand (left) by clicking the menu button (lowest left button, the flush with the controller one) but when I point with that hand, it won’t interact with the menu. But, it works if I switch to my Main hand (right). The only reason I care about switching hands is because you have to sheath your weapon, and that clears out your super ability bar.

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I’ve noticed something similar the last couple days on the HTV Vive, but with the cauldron chest menu in my home. I open the chest, try and select an item to put in the chest, and my offhand will lose tracking.

So it turns out that it happens only when you die. So as soon as you appear in the graveyard, put your weapon away and take it back out… (Or get resurrected) it’s available workaround for now

Thanks for reporting! I’ve added this issue to our tracking system and I’m going to poke around and see if I can recreate it.

i had the same issue a lot whit the ranger (bow and arrows in hands) don’t know if that could help

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I also emailed riley regarding an issue with UI not working.

Also had this issue pretty much immediately after switching to bow for the first time in the “training” area. I also think it may have prevented me from interacting with the NPC.

I manage to recreate the bug in video, in this case i’m switching my wand (mage) few times and my free hand is not working for the menu anymore

Sry for the quality

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