Off topic just asking

it may be just be me when will the orbusvr logo come back in the forms

yeah, been like this for a while now
if you hard refresh the page(Ctrl+Shift+R) it loads until you refresh the page again.


yeah i may be crazy to always see it

You’ve got to craft the Orbus logo as a tinkerer and then load it into the webpage. It’s a hidden quest.


I’ve looked into it before and I’m not entirely sure what’s happening, as even replacing the image entirely still seems to cause it to happen. May be a bug in the current version of the forums software.

I think it may just be a cached imaged from before, if you have changed the location of the image on your server or renamed it, our browsers may have the old image/image directory cached, resulting in no image found.

Edit: did some testing on my browsers, does not seem to be this, but should be something similar.

@Mathieu_D looking at your page’s console logs, the banner and favicon are being blocked because they are http requests from an https page.

I suggest moving those pages to https, and using Lighthouse analytics to improve your performance / SEO. :wink: