Officer roles for fellowships


When will we have the ability to mark people as officer and thereby have an ability for more than just the fellowship leader to invite people?


omg so this lol its a pain when i have to walk across the world to add someone to fellowship thats grouped with someone who would be an officer anyhow…


glad that at least 1 person replied to this… I think it is a big problem.


Well I think it’s not that much of a problem. Though it would make thinks easier for sure


its a huge problem if the fellowship leader doesnt have time to be on all the time makes it near impossible to add people in different time zones for one.


More than one role plz!

One for random new people that just joined.
Another for people that are in the fellowship for some time and active.
Another one for people who have manager roles in fellowship, adding and kicking people
Another one for co-leader, in case the leader leaves and can self manage the clan without leader
And lastly one for the leader that started it all


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