Old Game Gear Can't transmog

Please developers let me Transmog my Warrior Proto Helm I’ve been quite persistent with asking about I ti told Jake about it in game once I just want some feedback about it because it’s something I’d really love, having my old awesome helmet back I the game it was such a cool looking helmet and it’s a shame I cannot wear it, whenever I see other with their old game gear on I wish I could transmog mine and wear it, it is one tier below the gear you guys added, it’s the top noj awarded dungeon gear, Warrior “Proto Helm” if you would let me transmog and apply it to my helmet I’d be very happy about it I understand that you are busy and doing a great job, dealing with bugs and problems but if you could fit in the time to put the Protohelm transmog back in it would make me very happy and others that have the same Helm, also there are many old game players I’ve spoken to complaining because they couldn’t get old game gear in the new game they only got to Proto gear, same as me, anyways thank you for reading this and I hope to get some feedback soon. Have a great day :slight_smile:

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Still honestly think they should have brought back all of the gear and not just some of it.

Also some of the gear like the hardmode warrior gloves are still missing textures and have been for since the transmogs were added back in. The gloves should not be red on the palms no matter what dye you put on. The fact that the gear was improperly textured for months still irks me.

Loads of people want the old wilds gear and we don’t have it (except for musky gun because devs did not play their own game enough to know the bone musket was not the legendary but the epic). Personally would love to dress up in the old blue gear with how different it looks to current armor.

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