Old Growth tunnel

So, all of you are probably aware of the shortcut we all take to the Mines dungeon - teleport to the Old Growth pillar, jump inside the big tree, and avoid the large group of high-level red-star enemies. Makes it easier and faster for players who can’t dish out enough damage to burn through all the monsters or support classes to reach the dungeon.

I think it would be great to make that route official - a dark tunnel from near the teleport to next to the dragon race, with the entrances concealed by vines… Maybe there could be a lot of plants and maybe mushrooms growing inside, in symbiosis with the large tree to protect them from essence radiation, a small, thriving ecosystem in the irradiated wastelands.


A quick sketch of what I was thinking of:


How much would I need to give you to draw a sentient god castle?


Sounds like an interesting challenge, might just try that for fun… I’ll have to read Ethan’s diaries again for inspiration ^^



This is actually amazing wtf

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