Old player, old question

good day Mister Riley, I was just wondering if old players who found and brokedown their armor during those “days” could have them as cosmetics? this question is way out there but i figured i would ask.

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First, welcome back. It’s always nice to see OG players returning :slight_smile:

Some of the armour has been moved over, but some never made the transition. The ancient and spiro armour did, and some (maybe all? I didn’t get that far into end game then) of the legendary and epic weapons as well. The rest I’m not sure of. I’ll tag in @NotScott because he’s far more knowledgable than I am. I do know the fishing armour didn’t make it.

Regarding Riley…

Oh my friend…

Riley has seemingly vanished. Daynab/Mathieu is the new Community Manager.
What happened to Riley is an ongoing mystery/inside joke among the community nowadays. Some say he spilled coffee on the server (which resulted in Reborn being made) and ran away, some say he vanished, some joke he’s locked in a basement somewhere. Somebody said Riley said the meaning of the word “Orbus” would be revealed someday, and that it translates to “Orphan”, and so when he vanished it made sense. Some even say he wanted to spend more time with his family!

But ya, welcome back and I hope you find the armour you’re looking for :slight_smile:


You speak of the one dev us oldies loved to curse but secretly (not really) want back developing this game

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I’m fully convinced Riley’s the only one who understands artificing fully, to this day.


:smiley: thanks! its fun being back and there are so much QoL features that are new to me and i love it!

oh geez, maybe riley pulled a sword art online and put himself into the game :open_mouth:

ive only gotten to the first dungeon so im sure i’ll find new cool gear soon, i cant live in the past i guess lol